Protruding Basement Rebar

dsizzleFebruary 5, 2013

Hi All-

New to these forums! Thank you in advance for your help. I need to repaint the walls of my 60yr basement. There are some protruding rebar and I'm curious if I can cut it off so everything will be flush with the wall. If it's okay to cut off, what would you recommend as the best method? Thank you so much! Please see picture.

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That's not rebar, but the end of a form tie that should have been removed when the house was built because of the hazards they pose. If they won't just break off, use a reciprocating saw (Sawzall) with a metal cutting blade.

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Thank you worthy!! I tried wacking one a few times with my framing hammer and it snapped off. Is there any harm in using this method to get rid of them? Should I put any sealant on the holes before I repaint the wall? Thank you so much!

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I am not at all suggesting anything.. but my first thought was "I could use those uniform posts with a hole to hold some wires or utlity lines if I needed to wire something"

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You might also bend them back and forth with a large slip wrench or a pipe fitted over a visegrip handle till they break off. Quieter and less danger from flying metal. (Always wear goggles and gloves.) I don't see any reason for sealant.

My first thought was "lazy builder."

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