Finally have some basement pics

bungeeiiFebruary 5, 2008

I have some pics of the tv area of the basement. The corner closet area will house all of the electronics...eventually.

I put in a couple of spare rooms and a bathroom, too. I'll have to get to those pics later, I guess.

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Congratulations, it looks really comfortable. All DIY? How long did it take and how many square feet.

We still have to put the bathroom in ours. Must cut concrete because the house was not preped for one when it was built.

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The 2 things that were hired outright were taping/mudding and the drop ceiling. I had help here and there along the way, but it's basically a DIY thing. We started a year ago and are still wrapping up loose ends. As I think about it, I've spent a lot of time with my son who is now 15. He's helped with everything from framing to installing the carpet tile.

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