1917-1919 USA posters

jasfindMarch 22, 2012

I couldn't get them on before

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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I collect WWI posters. If yours are original, you should get them framed and matted correctly. Also, some restoration work on the torn edges is worth the money. Did you have a question?

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Hi Ideefixe. Well yeah ,a few. How common are these type?Most I se are more "Uncle Sam Needs" type.I also wonder if other orgs. ( 4H etc)got into the war like this. Thank you

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The next time "Antiques Road Show" is within traveling distance from your home, show your posters there. They can make a fair appraisal. The ordinary posters will appraise at ordianry prices, but a rare or highly desireable one can appraise at a surprising amount. Condition is important.

In a few more years, those posters will be 100 years old!

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Hi J.D.. Sometimes that show really doesn't get it right, most time it seems to.
While I get up early(5:30 AM),the idea of waiting hours on a line doesn't spin my wheels.So the roadshow is kaput.
Yeah ,its funny how you turn around and both you and your stuff "mysteriously" get older. I've got a wait till I'm 100,but my goodies are rocking past the century.Thank you

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Just want to say that those are very cool posters. I agree that you should have them framed and matted with archival materials (UV blocking glass, acid-free matting) if they are originals. They look to be in excellent condition. If you live near Philadelphia, there used to be a shop that specialized in etchings, maps, and posters. Sorry I can't remember the name of it, but I will keep searching.

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Hey Cyn,Thanks for the good words.Sometimes I think that I have too much "stuff" . That of course slows me from taking my old stuff and making it take up more room. Yes ,these are originals . And I guess I have to do as you suggest.

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Jasfind, you can now request tickets (free) for Antiques Roadshow...no waiting in line.


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Hi Maddielee. Thank you for that. I will look into it. All though I know that the posters are the real thing,going to that show might be like waiting for a hosiptal test result.

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