Paint peeling already?!

nightchild100February 16, 2010

I prepped the surface, cleaned thoroughly, used Behr concrete & masonry primer, Behr floor paint & then faux'ed a travertine look on. Everything was looking BEAUTIFUL...until today.

My husband & friend put the polyurethane on it this afternoon...and by 6 pm, we noticed that it started peeling (really bad in a couple smaller places--like ruffled giant snake skin...and only minor tiny cracking in other places). The friend says he may have poured the poly down on the floor in the really bad spots--he poured and rolled instead of using a pan.

Any advice?? We are over 2/3rds done with the floor (we have to take it in sections)...and we thought the poly would help, not hurt, the longevity of the paint. We have spent dozens of painstaking hours on this floor.

I'm devastated. And don't know what to do. HELP!!


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No matter how dry your basement is, there is always a moisture drive to the interior in sub grade spaces. It's strong enough to lift oil finishes. That's why you should use a water-based paint that does not attempt to inhibit that drive.

As well, to be sure of good adhesion, the concrete may have to be neutralized before coating it.

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