Transom and side lites in vinyl vs. wood for big Georgian home

threeapplesJune 16, 2011

we are building a large Georgian home and the front door will have an eliptical transom in a spider web design and side lites. The pricing for this with wood tracery/mullions is outrageous and I've found a company who does this in a vinyl product that is paintable, but the architect is suggesting vinyl doesn't belong on the type of house we're building. The company who does the vinyl windows is called Awso--I'm including a link to the spider web transom and cross arch design and a photo of one of their products installed. I'd love to know whether I'd be making a mistake saving money and having the non-wood product.

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You might want to repost this in the Building a Home forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Building a Home

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