Can I ask landlord to repaint one wall?

lizstanton08June 6, 2008

I moved into a new apartment last week and love it. However, today, I tried removing a few scuff marks with a magic eraser, and it left a huge shadow on the wall that no amount of rinsing will remove.

As far as I can tell, the co. that owns the property is very responsive - they filled and painted a hole in the wall caused by professional movers within 1 day. Could I ask them to repaint the wall that I attempted to clean so long as I reimburse them for it? Or should I attempt to paint it myself?

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You can ask whatever you want, but they can also answer whatever they want (obviously). I wouldn't paint it yourself without permission though, and the understanding that they pay for materials. Don't tell them about the magic eraser though - they'll probably never know the difference. Just tell them the wall needs painting because it's scuzzy.

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Ask them to repaint the enitre room, don't mention about the Mr. clean sponge damage. Painting is a normal wear-and-tear sort of thing and should be done routinely. Tell them you're tired of the color.

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I don't think landlords are going to go through the expense of repainting a room just because the tenent is "tired of the color". You must have had some GREAT landlords in the past. Most rentals only allow white or beige anyway. They won't repaint after someone has only lived there one week. That would have been something to be negotiated before moving in. Repainting for 'normal wear and tear' is often written into the lease as to how oftem it will be done for long time tenents.

If the landlord thought it needed painting they would have done it before she moved in. When the landlord inspected the damage from the movers they would have gone ahead and had them paint the other wall if it needed it since the painters were coming over anyway.

If it is just one wall, and I am assuming it is white, AND you are a good painter. I would do it myself and they will never know.

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My landlord asks me what I need every time I renew my lease which is once a yr.She paints if needed and shampoos the carpet.Also she upgraded my smoke alarms

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