crack injection: 100% solid epoxy Vs 2-part epoxy

agguFebruary 12, 2008

Whats the difference between 100% solid epoxy and 2-part epoxy? I need to inject couple of cracks in our basement and two companies i contacted for this work use these 2 different materials for injection. Was wondering which one is better? What are pros and cons of each?

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One part is the epoxy resin. The other part is the hardener/catalyst. This is true for both systems. To reduce cost, fillers are often used in the epoxy. Steel dust is popular and is used in JB Weld. 100% would have no fillers. The proper filler in the proper amounts does not degrade strength very much. Wrong filler or too much is big problem.

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Every epoxy I've used is two part but once mixed is a single mixture.

Really good stuff is 50/50 mix epoxy.. Cheap comparitively is polyester epoxy with a very small amount of hardener in the mix, about 10/1 ratio.

What kind of material has this crack you are you filling ?

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"Polyester epoxy" does not exist. It is one or the other. Epoxy is the more expensive and has bonding strength of about 5 times that of polyester. Regular Bondo is polyester.

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