Tapcon holes stripped out

bcrawfo2February 26, 2007

I'm having a little problem getting my furring strips to stick. I know I'm using the right tapcon drill bit, 3/16" for my screws. I think I had 2 out of 10 work right.

I'm using my hammer drill.

What am I missing?



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1/4 inch tapcons are a little large for furring strips.
Are you sure you have the correct drill bit???

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Are you using the hammer drill to screw them in? It might be hammering and breaking the groove they cut in the masonry. Or you might have crumbly material. I don't know what the Tapcon people think about it, but I have been known to use a match stick to shim a screw that's too loose.

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OK....my mistake.
I had two tapcon bits...the right one and the larger one. I assumed they were the same size and they weren't.
Sorry....better now.

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