Water inside cinder block but not in basement?

martina_21February 4, 2013

We are remodeling a partial basement. We knew we had some mildew issues on the wall that is completely underground. The builders put a big hole in the cinder block to put an electrical outlet and you can look inside the block to the bottom and see maybe 2 inches of standing water. This was at two different places. We have never had standing water in the basement but we do see the mold. Is it ok for there to be water in the cinder block even if it is not coming into the basement? We have had a lot of rain recently. Also there is a gap where the cinder block meets the concrete floor but we don't see any water coming through there. We thought of just putting on a water proofing paint and sealing up the cracks or is this something that needs attention by digging up the dirt in front. Also there are cracks in the wall and it is bowing a little. Thanks

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Before you go any further with remodeling, investigate and remedy that bulging, which indicates a degree of foundation failure that should be corrected before you hide it and forget it. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspectapedia on foundation bulging

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Thank you the inspectapedia has a lot of great info. After seeing some pictures of other basment walls our cracks seems minor. If anything I am leaning toward digging out the front to put in some drain tiles - we live on a hill and there is not that much we can do for the water that comes down the yard, we have done everything we can with sloping and grading. I would like to get an expert opinion but I am afraid that companies will say what they need to to sell their product.

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There are a number of effective methods for waterproofing your basement.

See this GW thread.

On new homes, I always use a bubble membrane and freeflowing fill.

If you're only doing one wall keep in mind that this may not solve the problem. Also, since you're putting in a drain system, you have to provide an outlet for it. It can be trenched out to grade somewhere downhill or brought inside to a sump and pump.

I'd run from any "waterproofer" who wants to sell you an internal system. They do nothing for keeping the water out of your walls or from undermining your footings.

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