Drywall ceiling seam problem

pondman78February 8, 2010

I hope someone can help and possibly explain what happened in my basement. I am in the process of finishing my basement. I installed drywall to the ceiling using plenty of screws AND drywall adhesive to boot! My joint seams were nice and smooth after taping and applying and feathering a few coats of mud. I then sprayed an orange peel texture onto the ceiling. After letting dry for around 24 hours, I primed the ceiling. The following day after priming, I went downstairs to apply ceiling paint, and all of the seams are showing, and now appear noticably uneven??? Everything was nice and smooth when I primed, and now it just looks terrible.

Any thoughts on what might have happened, and how I can fix it? My best guess is: The sprayed texture was not all the way dry when primed and caused some moisture/drying issues at the most vulnerable spot, which would be the seams.

I was wondering if I can just feather out another layer of drywall mud, re-texture the area affected, and let fully dry, and then prime again.

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