Great Stuff Okay Around Drain Pipe?

velvetfootFebruary 12, 2009

I have a well-supported drain pipe on one wall of the basement near the rim joist that I want to use Great Stuff on. Could it generate enough power to move the pipe? I'd prefer to use the regular GS since it's on sale.


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I had a pvc pipe (Air vent I think)one running verticall up my basement wall and I believe venting out by the sill plate. I XPS'd on each side of the pipe then sprayed some Great Stuff in. It did expand and had me a little concerned. There was play in the pipe before...not now. I pushed it in a few spots here and there with my putty knife where I thought the foam might be pressing the pipe out. It seams ok...the pipe no longer moves. Start slow...can alwayd go back add more.

I tried this so far. If you have not used the whole can get one of those spring clamps and clamp the straw tight. Next time you want to use the foam cust just before the clamp.

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Thanks for the tips.
I just bought 8 cans at HD for 4 bucks each.

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