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toppercrustFebruary 19, 2012

we are planning to finish our basement we have a million questions but lets start with the floor.First of all we live in a 1920s decrepit bungalow.The basement concrete floor was poured over an existing floor,big cracks everywhere.There was a bathroom but we demolished and are increasing size.I'd like to tile the new bathroom's floor.We will be removing some concrete to move plumbing.I think we should remove all concrete in proposed bathroom so as to make it solid for tile installation.I would like electric in-floor heating.When we pour the new floor how should i reinforce,and should i make it recessed from rest of basememnt floor so as to leave room for in-floor heating and self leveler?.should the electric mat be layed in selfleveler or can it be laid in concrete? should i use tile-crete instead?

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I am by no means a tile expert. I would do the good concrete floor as you outlined, with vapor barrier under it. Then Ditra membrane, then the heating mat, then the tile, each layer with thinset.

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so how far down from existing concrete floor should new concrete floor be to compensate for everything?

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