bear76February 27, 2009

This if the stuff I get at work. I was going to use the system 50 to do the rim joists. Any opinions?

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You do that please and feel free to come back here and tell us about the wonderful product but please try to convince us that it isn't just a big SPAM sandwich.

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I've been a member here for at least 5 years now. I hang out on the gardening forums mostly. I work for a plumbing company and we use these systems to insulate underground pipes, and wanted to know what the general opinions would be using it in the basement. So before you jump to conclusions check your facts first.

Anyway, I went ahead and pulled out the FG from the sills and sprayed the foam. It went in well and I'm happy with it. It is mostly closed cell foam, I hope it does not hurt anything down the road.

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It should work well. By Code, though, any foam, sprayed or in board form, should be covered with a fireblocking material.

(FWIW, I've noticed that spammers are inevitably signed on within a day or two of their initial posts.)

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I will be drywalling everything in hopefully soon. I guess that would be fine for a fire block. It will be a few inches from the spray foam (away from the wall).

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Yes, 1/2" gypsum board is acceptable.

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It's been awhile but I finally got the framing up. Reguarding the fire block, Should I continue the drywall into the floor joist area as a horizontal block? I have decided to use a 2x2 paneled ceiling instead of drywall.

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That's one easy solution.

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