Crumbling basement walls

joyfulgardenerFebruary 6, 2006

Our basement is unfinished (not suitable to finish). The house is quite old - built in the 1880s. The exterior foundation walls are made of brick or rock (it varies depending on the portion of the house). The walls are now crumbling. (We began using a dehumidifer in the basement a few years ago, and now I realize that this probably contributed to the problem.) Although the basement will never be finished, I'd like to stop the crumbling so I can place things against the walls. I'd prefer not to do unnecessary disturbing of the walls, as the paint may have lead in it.

How do I repair the walls? Thanks in advance for any advice - I've researched this question but have been unable to find an answer.

(The basement is damp and we get water through the basement floor during heavy rains because there is a high water table under our house. But the walls do not get wet or leak on the inside. We are considering having french drains installed to deal with this problem.)

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I have the same problem in my basement. If you recieve any advice I would appreciate you contacting me.

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I have a similar problem in my 1920 brick colonial in DC--the brick in the basement is starting to crumble where it meets the concrete floor. Once or twice a year I get flooding after particularly heavy rains. This is obviously a problem but I haven't found a good solution (nor have I found the cause, specifically).

I'll look back to this thread for advice--hopefully someone will offer some.

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Our house is 1905 and has a stone foundation. Our inspector (we bought two years ago) said that it was one of the best foundations ever used in home construction since it had some flexibility vs. the concrete block or poured cment construction seen now. That aside, when it rained heavily the lovely white paint job on the walls concealing wet spots, began to peel away and we do have dampness on the walls and floors.

My husband poured sacrete outside down some big cracks on the uphill side of the house - oh yes, we are on a hillside too - where the moisture appears and it has reduced it somewhat.

Bottom line: I'm just sharing with you in the hope that someone will clarify how much moisture is too much, in the course of answering your question.

I know about possible mold mildew issues but I'm more concerned with long term damage to the strength of the foundation. Oh yes, previous owners had put in foundation supports many years ago and the inspector said those were to eep it from twisting, not rolling down the hill as I feared :

Anyway.....thanks for letting me add on without really helping you.


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