Common Areas in Apartment Complex

stretchadJune 18, 2006

What do you consider to be common areas of an apartment complex?

Reason I ask is the following. DH and I are moving into a duplex unit in this neighborhood: with our two well behaved golden retrievers. The complex is a mix of three story 2 bedrooms and 1 bedrooms, and 3 bedroom duplex units. Anyway, we are in the Rockhurst model that says it has a backyard, but its not a really defined space for our unit or anything, its more like an expansive yard that spans all the duplex units. Our "Pet Addendum" to our lease says that animals must be on a leash in common areas so I'm wondering if this undefined backyard area is considered a common area? If not, I'm interested in installing a wireless invisible fence for my girls just to give them a few feet of romping room and space to relieve themselves without being on a leash. Of course they would NEVER be unsupervised. Thoughts??

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What I consider to be "common areas" is not important.

What does the apartment complex define as common areas: ask the management.

If they say "leash" they mean leash, visible thing connected between dog and human.

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I would say it's a common area, especially if there are no clear and defined backyard boundaries for each living space, so I would treat it as such. I would talk to the landlord/property manager regarding the installation of the invisible fence, but I would definitely clean up after your pets each time they go. To be safe, I would keep them on a leash until you do talk with the LL/PM. If I were you, I would also seek out dog-friendly parks in your area where they can run free.

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You might investigate whether an unattended leash would be acceptable--could you put your girls on a line that's staked to the ground? That would give them romping room--our dog was quite happy w/ her "run".

But if I were your landlord, I'd say no. I'd want YOU in attendance on your dogs, since there's nothing to keep a kid or grownup from wandering into your dog's bite range.

Good luck!

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My guess is that management wants the dogs on a leash so the owner's there to clean up immediately after the dog.

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In our lease it says something like what's in yours. We enquired about it and they told us our dog and children for that matter, are only allowed to be in the backyard to play and such. Dogs must be leashed (kids don't have to be leashed though hehehehehe, sorry couldn't resist!) at all times.
Although we asked and when we are outside with the dog we are allowed to tether her up to the back fence and let her have some space to run around and play. So it's probably best to ask just to be clear on what you can and can't do.

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