A Guy basement?

tvguy15February 28, 2007

Is there such thing as a "guy basement?" Like has anyone made their basement into the ultimate game room, or a music studio, or just a place to smoke cigars? Can you smoke cigars in a basement?

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Heres a similar thread...

Here is a link that might be useful: Do you have a man basement?

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I consider our basement a guys basement. It has a bar, movie theater, and billiard room. My hubby loves it. I would imagine if you smoked cigars down in the basement you would have to get an air cleaner...

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Apparently there are some pretty great man basements after reading the thread posted by jasper 60103. I'm trying to find people with amazing "guy rooms" for a show I'm working on airing on HGTV. My job is to go out and find "man spaces."

I continue to browse through this site, definitely a lot of do-it-your-selfers here.

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We once owned an 20's vintage home with a basement finished in the 40's. The whole basement was knotty pine and the main room had a stone wood-burning fireplace.

Yes, it had a full wet bar comelete with a double commercial stainless bar sink. The bar face and stools were leather and the back bar had display shelving and plenty of storage. A large wine cellar and full kitchen were each separate rooms as was a work shop and laundry.

There were large back-lit outdoors scenes of canyon fly fishing and hunters with their fresh kill. It had a projection room with cable operated screen which dropped out of the ceiling on the far side of the main room into a framed theatre approximately 7'wide x 5'high. The main room was approximately 25' x 15'. I'm sure there was once a pool table too based on ceiling lighting.

But, the most manly feature was a firing range. The targets were cable-run to the far end and there was an exhaust port to let the smoke escape. And there was a huge display case for the firearms in the main room.

A contractor had finished the space and his widow and son both came to visit. Unfortunately we moved in 1993 and I don't have any digital photos to share but we really loved that home - the rest of it was filled with unique features too.

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That sounds really great. Especially the firing range! That actually gives the idea of searching for stories for the show. Find man rooms with carnival games/firing ranges in them!

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This is NOT my house, but Boy do I wish it were....!!!

After looking at the above link click the Home Theater to see the Final look..


Here is a link that might be useful: Home Theater

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