House Vibration

devoeMarch 9, 2013

My house sit on the corner of a busy intersection and I can feel it within the house each time an eighteen wheeler passes by. Is there anything I can do to absorb the noise and vibration.


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No much you can do. One help is to eliminate heavy vehicles from traveling on your street, but I assume that is not practical.

Does the vibration level change with the seasons? In other words, is it worse when the ground is frozen compared to a summer day? Sometimes, the amount of ground moisture can affect transmission of shock & vib waves. Very saturated, soggy soil will behave differently to dry soil.

There is a building solution, but it is not practical for residential homes, particularily ones already built. It starts with the foundation. A robust foundation is built and then vibration isolators are installed on which the structure will be supported. All underground utilties must have flex connections to the house to allow for small movements.

Another approach in reducing this annoyance is with the street design. A very good, drained underlayment under the roadbed can help. Again, changing soil conditions throughout the seasons can affect the results. One quick help would be to make the street smooth, eliminate pot holes and undulations, etc, so that heavy traffic could roll smoothly along and without creating the bumps and bangs in the first place.

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Sounds like jemdandy gave you some excellent advise! Might try the "home repair forum' since this is a forum about antiques!! LOL or "The Old Home forum" folks might have had some problems like this!! This forum aims to please & nice jemdandy took the time to help out!!

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