Charge for BS color?

yeboJanuary 11, 2012

I heard, perhaps here, there was a charge of about $500 for BS color so stopped considering it. [I understand paying for the color swatches.] Yesterday, a retailer making a quote on my appliance package said there was no charge. I can't find anything about this either way on the BS site. If someone can direct me to a link or other solid informatin, I'd really appreciate it. I'd hate to give up (included color, but I'd hate to waste time choosing and then have the charge.

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Here's the deal: There IS an upcharge for painting a range. For 24 to 36" models, painting would tack something in the range of $300 onto the price of the RNB. For larger ranges, $400. These are ballpark figures. Your dealer is not required to factor that in to the price and may be eating the cost of the paint by way of his margin on the deal, OR, he might not sell enough of the ranges to know that Prizer-Painter started charging extra for paint a year or so ago. Only your dealer knows for sure. Ask him if he knows that Bluestar now charges for paint. If he says no, tell him to call the factory, because that ain't what they say.

Also, just for reference, if you order the knobs to MATCH your paint scheme, e.g., purple range, purple knobs, then the extra charge is $48.00 per knob. On the other hand, if you buy a stainless range, or order contrasting or complementary knobs, e.g., red range, white and blue knobs, then the charge per knob is $60. But if you order the range in black, then the black knobs are no charge! What a deal!

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If you haven't already, go to BS main webpage and see if they're having a "Events and Demo" around your area.

Call the RSVP number and ask the local rep what the incentive is when attending and ordering.

My local event was a free paint upgrade or a set of their cookware when a RNB unit was ordered. Nothing was done on the RCS series as the price point was really great.

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Great info both of you, and great idea, JCWR56. Unfortunately, no events in my area (NYC) for the next 2 months at least.
Here's a further question. Did you go for color - if so, what color and are you happy with it?
I'm thinking about a buttercream color and wondering if I'm being too conservative.

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I just ordered a 48" RNB, and I called the company about the color charge. They quoted me $299 for the 48" range. I really didn't want color that badly

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When I bought my range it was free but $299 to powder coat a big pile of steel on a $9,000 range? To me that is a pretty reasonable price.

The quality of the powder coating job is 100% impeccable on my range. They do the whole side panels, too, not just the ovens doors, front panels and kickplate.


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We bought our BS 36" 6 burner in May of 2010 before there was a charge for color.
Since we were building a black & white kitchen we went for a black range.
As "stooxie" says, the powder coating is done impeccabley and it covers all sides of the range except for the back.
Certainly the $229 price is worth it.
As you may already be aware, the range is available in almost any color you might want.

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Yebo: buttercream would probably be absolutely stunning!! Of course it all depends on the other things you decide to do with it. I love soft colours like that tho, and with more muted colours there is less chance of growing tired of it.

Wow, mojavean really knows BS colour upcharges! Have you been looking into perhaps a 48" rnb? :)

The whole colour thing with BS is a bit strange. They always promote how they can do 190(or whatever it is) colours etc. But, in 2008 when I attended a event and demo with marcus samulson in toronto the BS people said that those 190 colours are only the standard free(at the time) colours and that they could essentially do any colour you wish. Anyway, that is the only time I heard about more than the 190 colours but it was right from the horses mouth which makes me think its true. If it is true, I wonder why they don't make any attempt to make it public, and now if they are charging for all colours it seems even stranger that they would advertise that the "only" do 190 colours.

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@tyguy, Nobody had answered the question, it had been up for awhile, so I just called P-P and talked to Jennifer. She couldn't give me exact prices but said those were ballpark.

No, I am not interested in an RNB. I am not colorful enough to care about the paintjob that much, and my RCS is hotrodded so the burner puts out more fire than the RNB. I call it the Bossa-Nova burner, Baby!! LOL!

The coolest thing about the RNB to me is the roller rack. Not cool enough to spend another 3000 bucks on, though.

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Mojavean: I want a bossa nova burner too!!!!! How many btu's do you think it is throwing out?

Can you not buy roller racks and just stick them into your rcs?

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If my calcs are correct, I am putting out 24K BTU/hr on the Bossa Nova. I achieve this by replacing the #47 gauge burner orifice with a #46. You can drill out the orifice with a 46 gauge drill bit or you can order one already machined.

While Bluestar is a residential range, it is descended from the commercial ranges manufactured by Garland. The Garland "M8" or "small" hood-style burner orifices are the same ones used by Prizer-Painter on the Bluestars.

Remember that YOU are responsible if you goon it and burn your house down! We are talking about flammable gases here, so use caution if you decide to take the red pill.

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You guys are correct; $299 is a good price for color, it just was not worth it to me since I was not sure I really wanted a color. Since there was a cost, it was just easier to get off the fence :)

Of course if you want a color, then it's great.

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Mine is bottle green. Color was free when I bought my range. Capital and Lacanche charge for color so I guess Blue Star felt they didn't need to just give it away. IMHO they should have not charged or bundled it in the price of the base range because the free color was a very nice selling feature.

I love the color and I would have paid. It is the focal point of the kitchen.

The web site says you can pay an up charge beyond the standard charge for color and get any color you want.

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-Today, Bs call told me
P-P does charge for color - $299 for the 190 RAL colors, higher for color matching to any color at all - they would quote something but it could be $600 and up depending on the color.
-Some retailers may call the 190 RAL colors "included" or free, which would mean they were including that somehow in the total price.
-Swatches are best ordered thro the BS website as shipping is free from there.

- :)- anyone know what color # looks most like butter cream or yellow-y ivory??

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You may be able to order an actual metal sample with the color you are thinking about from Bluestar. They do charge for the sample piece, but with an investment in a range this nice, it is worth getting.

Bluestar did start charging for color a few months ago, but my dealer waived the color charge for me because he had quoted the price without it. He impressed me with his integrity and I will be purchasing other appliances from him as a result.

I saw the ruby red in person and fell in love with it, so that is what I bought. I would have paid for the color charge if I had to, because to me it was worth it, and I am not fond of stainless aplliances.

I agonized for a few weeks on taking the bold plunge of buying a red range, but deep down that was what I really wanted. I thought I should play it "safe" instead. Stooxie encouraged me to follow my heart on the red range. I will always appreciate that, as I am thrilled with the range. It gets delivered as soon as our flooring is installed.

The buttercream sounds lovely and is worth checking into. Don't "settle" if you don't have to. I know everyone has a tight budget these days, but in the whole scheme of years of cooking enjoyment, it may be worth it to you. Sacrifice on something else to make up the difference.

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I was quoted $699 for a 60" range. I worked with the local distributor (not retailer) to waive the cost if I decide on a BS over a CC. All I need to do is attend a cooking demo which I was going to do anyway. Win, win!

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Sounds good to me...just get the darn thing! :). There has been some talk about colour on ranges here lately so I do not remember, did you mention what colour(s) you were considering?

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We were actually on the fence when it was free -- placed an order for stainless and then changed it to cobalt blue the next day. It's the same range. On the other hand, they did a really nice job with the color (door and side panels) and it seems a reasonable up-charge for a job well done, and way cheaper than any number of other possible decorative changes in a kitchen. Glad in the end, that we chose the blue, but I suspect we'd never have missed it had we stuck with the stainless.

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I'm thinking of an ivory/buttermilk color (as close as can get with that RAL 190). I;'ve been wondering if I'm being too conservative. Probably cabinets will be blondish birdseyemaple with green framing trim (olive-ish but brighter, prettier), countertop a grey/white quartzstone, peninsula butcher block, floor grey/lighter slate-sh.

I will definitelyorder some swatches but any opinions about - over-conservative or other color ideas would be very welcome.

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Only real estate agents and insurance adjusters care about "conservative" colors.

That's my view point.


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Now I see the green I'm considering is Moore chartreuse. There's an RAL color, 1024, called RAL 1024 "curry yellow", that seems very like the Moore chartreuse...

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Mojo: do you happen to know if the garland burners are also direct replacements for the bluestars? The 24k garland looks A LOT like the 22k bluestar from what I remember when I saw it last. This would be a help for those with rcs's wanting to hotrod as it seems BS is catching on to your hot rodding technique and making it difficult to get parts.

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Good question. I looked at that option as a possible source of parts, but didn't have any luck finding something I thought would work. The Garland commercial burners don't have ignitors and they attach to the feed tube either in a slip on arrangement or are actually cast right to the tube.

But I have by no means done an exhaustive search.

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Has anyone else participated in the "free paint upgrade" or "set of cookware" incentive from Bluestar that JCWR56 mentioned?

I was doing the CC or BS journey and attended one of those events by the midwestern Bluestar rep, OneIIonegroup, and it was really helpful.

We liked what we saw, placed an order, and took delivery in early January. There was only one problem. There was no cookware.

I�ve been through several "I�ll look into it" calls and I have not got any response. Am I the only one?

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Hi scr,

I am ONLY speculating here but who are you calling? The promotion might be with the reseller or distributor as opposed to Bluestar itself. In that case you would have better luck going through them and truly Bluestar would have to "look into it."

Just a possibility.


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I did participate (also from OneIIone). My range arrived today, and, ta-dah, it is indeed black! (Sorry, can't help on the cookware._

Stooxie, I believe the promotion was indeed through BS, based on the paperwork I filled out at the time.

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Maybe you're right. I could be asking the wrong people in their distribution chain. Thanks for the suggestion.

I hope this can get resolved somehow.

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There are frequent demonstrations at Reno's appliance in NJ. I just attended one, but the BS promotion was free cooking classes at the Culinary Institute. Its pretty close to NYC. The demonstration was disappointing. The burners were turned on because I asked - but no cooking. It was more Q &A session - and I was the only one there. So, if you decide to go, call first.
The rep told me they used to charge $250.00 for a back guard and now its free so they are charging for color instead. I don't know if this is accurate - I am just repeating what I was told.

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They did indeed charge for a backguard back in the day when I bought mine (early 2008)

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