Identifying Christmas Platters For Me?

drtechsMarch 19, 2010
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Sorry I can't really ID them....but the first one looks very like the ones that Mikasa puts out.
I trust you have looked at them carefully to see if there are any marks....
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I am sorry to say, but there is virtually no collectible since ebay that carries much of any value to speak of these days. In addition, in the present economy, collectors are trying to unload their collections to raise money. The results is a depressed market. Obviously there are a some exceptions but they are few and far between.

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I don't know if you're buying for yourself or if you're in a shop/antique mall, but glass/china/porcelain and what I consider 'old' collectibles seem to have lost there 'glow.' In other words, with the economy the *real* collectors may have stopped collecting and started selling. Younger people are *not* collecting the same things, or possibly nothing, and are happy w/manufactured items, including furniture. The bottome line is, don't buy what you think other people might like, buy what *you* like. You just could be stuck with it. ;o)

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No, there are no markings on any of the pieces.
In regards to am I a buyer/seller/collector/reseller. I am neither, my Mother who is 89 yrs, wants to downsize with everything she has collected, initially buying because she liked the item(s) for herself, to keep. The things that we have no idea about, I ask for any assistance with identifying these items so 2 things do not happen, 1- We do not want to shortchange ourselves and 2- We want to sell them for a fair price.
Thank You All For Your Time !! :-)

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I think the middle platter is nicer than the other 2....ask $10 for it and be prepared to take less and ask $5 each for the other 2.
Since they don't seem to be dated and don't have any writing on them I doubt that they are those "collectables" that have taken a nose dive in value. They are just glass plates to serve Christmas cookies on...not a first edition of something.
Kitch and tschotskis are what are dead in the market, good antiques will always be sold for a good value.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I actually have that, it was from Carson Pirie Scott, not expensive at all Mikasa I think, less than 10 bucks, just bought it as a serving platter, probably less than 15 years ago, for sure...

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