HELP! Paid App and hold fee, They want to give us old deal

mjp_80June 21, 2007

Hello, Me and my wife have just been approved for the polo club here in mesa, az . When we walked in the deal was $500 off 9 months lease. Anyways the same day they approve us they offer 6 weeks free rent. At $855 a month that's way more money. I asked if I can get that and she says no because at the time we came in it was the $500 deal .

Me and my wife didn't sign a lease we just paid them $65 app fee and a $100 holding fee for the place we want. Is there anyway to make them give us the 6 weeks free? Should I get pushy with them and tell them i'm going to walk off? I really like the polo club but also don't think I should be stuck with the old deal if I didn't sign a lease yet.

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I'm not sure how complexes and advertising work (our rentals are small homes), but my gut tells me if you haven't signed a lease yet (which is the contract) you're not locked into anything. Doubt getting pushy with the threat to walk off will do much, but maybe getting pushy with saying they need to honor their advertising will? I don't know for sure, maybe someone with more experience with large complexes who offer 'deals' like that can chime in.

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I don't understand what a "holding fee" is. I've never heard of it. Did you sign anything with a date on it? That may be your key to this. Are they "holding" an empty apartment for you. I am guessing, since I do not know exactly what a "holding fee" is, that you signed something dated, and are obligated to the terms in effect at the time. I am thinking that a "holding fee" could also work in a renters favor, whereas they could not jump the rent, in between the time you looked at it, and the time it takes to approve you, like a bait and switch scheme. Apparently it could also have a negative effect on the renter.

It looks like they are not going to give you the new deal out of goodwill. As far as whether the law is on your side depends on what state you live in. The important question here is did you sign any paperwork? The answer may be in the fine print about the holding fee.

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Yes I did sign a paper with my wife that said the apartment # we are holding until july 27th and it said the deal we got $500 . It says if we back out they keep the $100 holding fee and the app fee.

I called again today. They wont move and said that deal was only for a few apartments and they have been rented out. She said they just didn't take it off the web site yet. Seems fishy if you ask me.

I guess I could just leave and lose the $165 but I like this place so I guess i'll just stick with the deal there willing to give me.. $500 off.

This is the place i've been talking about the the offer they have up now.**st_1_5**mtr_1_110**listingpricelow_9_0_-1**listingid_2_1190

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This kind of thing drives me crazy too - just found out Air Miles has a new promo giving lots of miles to anyone who signs up in the current two wks to buy a new Macintosh computer - which I bought 6 wks ago, but they won't stretch their promo to include me, and will probably have another one, and then another, after this one, which unfortunately is their right. There's always going to be something new and better, so maybe just be glad you did get the deal you have, even if it makes you crazy too.

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I can understand different prices with different seasons. Right now is when all the students up and leave and a landlord might find themselves with a glut of places to be rented all at one time in the summer when it is hard to rent out places. It is perfectly understandable. Its like buying a snowblower in December and complaining that they went on sale in May when nobody is looking for them anymore. Landlords do the same thing as retail establishments and prices go up and down depending on the demand at the time of year.

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