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kweenie97June 1, 2006

Okay, so I went to pay rent for the last time today. Our lease expires July 24 but we paid our last month's rent when we moved in. While I was in the office the guy asked me if I had any maintainance concerns while I was there. I said no, but we've had a problem hearing loud voices and TV from the people upstairs. Suddenly a girl behind the desk starts telling me that we're just at the point where we need to understand that we live in an apartment building and we're going to hear other people's noise and they have a right to enjoy their apartments. I figured out pretty quick this was the office manager we had spoken to before when we were having problems with high heels on the hardwood floored bedroom above our's in the middle of the night for hours, literally hours, on end.

Anyway, I explained to the manager that I certainly understood people have the right to live in their apartments but I have a right to live in mine too and I don't feel I should have hear their TV so loudly that I can tell you exactly what movie they are watching or their conversations so clearly that I can tell you exactly what they are yelling about. She tried to tell me that the resident manager had been by to hear their TV several times already because of our complaints and never heard it too loud. I said the only time we had called was the night they moved in because they were having a party and actually the resident manager had agreed with us that it was too loud. I said we hadn't complained about these people because we never really got anywhere before about the previous tenant. She said we certainly did because they carpeted her bedroom and she still felt it wasn't ever necessary to do that. I told her I felt it was unfair to say that when no one was ever willing to come to our apartment to hear noise from our perspective even when I asked them to. She claims they were always willing to which I pointed out that I could never get ahold of the resident manager during these incidents to prove our point.

Anyway, the whole thing ended with me practially stomping out of the office (I'm still so upset I'm shaking) and saying we were just trying to get out of here as quickly as possible and I never wanted to live in an apartment again. She yelled after me that it was probably best that we do that.

Would any of you expect to be treated this way??? I seriously want to write a letter to this manager's employer telling them how unprofessional I feel she was. We're blown off as trouble makers because of the issue with the previous tenant even though no one was ever willing to really look in to the problem and we never complained about noise except when it was happening in the middle of the night when one would normally expect to be able to have quiet. And so now, we don't feel like we can even say anything about the constant TV volume and yelling upstairs. It would be different if someone had even at least tried to get our perspective or heck, called us back when we called during incidents like we were asked to by the management. I mean, my husband used to manage an apartment building and we've both lived in apartment buildings before so I feel like we've got a pretty good handle on what noise is excessive. I just feel like we haven't gotten any respect from the leasing office over this whole I being too thin skinned though?

*sigh* I just can't wait to get out of here. We're supposed to be closing on our new house in 2 weeks and I can't WAIT.

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sounds like she's one of the many morons populating this world. they usually don't react very well to criticism or any form of intelligent, empowered thinking/attitude, that's why you got her so worked up by taking a stand.

people DO NOT have the right to enjoy themselves by making noise. like i said before, almost every lease in north america states one has the right to quiet enjoyment. QUIET, for f***'s sake!

be thankful you're leaving: you're headed to a nicer environment, she will always have to live with her miserable self, as will those noisy neighbors. bear in mind any type of obnoxious behavior is a form of passive-aggressive compensation, they know you are better than them and try to punish you for it. so feel good about yourself!

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She should have just kept her mouth shut. She wanted to start a fight and she got what she wanted. You are worked up and she probably could care less.

My thought process says if it won't matter in 20 years, it's not worth worrying about.

I'm sure the noise was excesive and you have a right to complain BUT you complained about two different tenants. I can see how a manager could think you are blowing it out of proportion.

It will all be over in a few weeks. I would blow it off. If you want to get back just be overly friendly with her and agree with whatever she says. Kill her with kindness! I've done that and its really fun to "play" with someone. They want to fight and when you just agree will try something else to rile you up.

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You're right, it is two different tenants we've complained about. BUT no one was ever willing to come to our apartment to get perspective on the noise even though I asked three different times. And it's different noise. The first tenant had hardwood floors in her bedroom which is directly about our's. She liked to wear these 3 inch high heels and pace her bedroom for quite literally hours on end in the middle of the night. We didn't ask for carpeting, we just asked that she take her shoes off because it sounded like a hammer beating on our ceiling. But again, no one would come to our apartment even when I asked! And even though there were other intrusive noises at all times of the day and night, the only time we ever said anything about it was at night when a normal person would expect to have quiet time.

Yesterday was the first day I had said ANYTHING about the loud voices and TV noise upstairs and the manager just jumped in my face assuming that I was blowing it out of proportion. No one has checked it out, no one has talked to these people. But I automatically just need to back off. That's what irritates me. There was always just an assumption that we were being overly sensensitive to it without ever checking in to it. Laziness, that's what it is.

I work in health care so I can understand how constant complaining makes people feel. But even if I'm seeing someone complaining of pain and I'm just sure they're drug seeking because they have a file 3 inches thick with other pain complaints, I still have to see the person and do something to address the issue. I can't just get in their face and tell them they're making it up and everybody has aches and pains so just deal with it. Same goes, as a manager it's her responsibility to at least attempt to address the issue instead of telling me I'm just out of line.

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"She liked to wear these 3 inch high heels and pace her bedroom for quite literally hours on end in the middle of the night."

Glad your going to be moving. If you want to "thank her" for the memories, you could always play your stereo during those times when you know she is trying to sleep.

"Iron Man" by Black Sabbath comes to mind! Make sure you direct the speakers upward so no one else has to suffer for her mistake.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Enjoy your new home.

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The high heel wearer moved out a month ago, otherwise I'd love to "thank her". There was other crap that went on too that the management never dealt the time we had a package of rotten meat left on our door step. I had just gone down the hall to do laundry and when I came back it was sitting right in front of our door and I could hear loud laughter from the apartment above our's. Funny, nothing was ever said or done about that though.

And thanks, I will enjoy our new house. When we first moved in here we had intented on renting for two years and then buying a house (I'll be finished with school next year). But we just couldn't take living here any more and bumped up buying by a year. It's a nice house but I wish I could have finished school and started working full time before we bought. Oh well. Given everything that's gone on I'd be seriously tempted to go ahead and get our new puppy now (new house has fenced in yard). There's no security deposit here (not that we'll leave it trashed) and we'll be out before they could even try to evict us. Hmmmm...I'll have to think about it.

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