danny_bJune 2, 2006

I know of a great company that rents and sells Boston apartments, commercial space, and houses. For anybody looking for real estate in the Boston or New York area, I highly recommend going through Boston Realty AdvisorsÂtheyÂre the best IÂve encountered so far in my apartment search. HereÂs the link  http://www.bradvisors.com or http://www.nyrealtyadvisors.com

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I was just searching today for a friend who lives in Boston and wants to buy a condo. Dissappointed that the site does not give much info for each unit.
Do you know how a 3 unit condo-such as in a brownstone-organizes themselves for repairs and such? Often the condo fees are low so that must mean that they assess each unit when something such as painting the exterior comes up.--?

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