i need to move out! break lease????

homiemanJune 8, 2010

Hi, I need to move out of my apartment, me and my roomate have become mortal enemies.

I have nearly gotten in fights with him several times, luckily I have extreme self control for this. He is OCD and makes my life a living hell.

I've got 6 more months on this 12 month contract. He is insulting in his jokes, and I try to ignore him as much as I can, but he is taking up such a big part of my life it is distracting me from my work.

Me and him are on the contract but we have another roomate that is not on there that we sublease. I think my landlord knows he's there, but could I suggest him to be added to the lease instead? Even though he has no credit, and a dwi conviction? (Even though he's paid for 6 months)., Any better suggestions? Im in NC, and the landlord is pretty cool with me.

What if I got a restraining order? (He'd go nuts since he's in law enforcement) Or just talk to the landlord?

Physical health - fights

Mental health - stress / affecting my work


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Just talk to the landlord in a businesslike way (leave out all the drama - he couldn't care less). And I can't see you getting an RO on someone who's on the lease and can't help being who he is anymore than you can stop who you are.

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It is not in the landlord's best interest to remove you from the lease and replace you with the no credit/dwi guy.

You might want to start looking for opportunities to be away from the apartment. Any possibility of traveling for your job? Do you have friends who could make you the third or fourth person in their apartment but only spend a couple nights a week there? Go visit mom and dad more often? Sister or brother who you could visit? Fall in love and spend more time with your SO? Offer to house sit while people are on vacation. Find someone on craigslist in a similar situation and trade - hey, that would make a cool movie concept. OR, maybe your roommate would be happy to have you leave and all you need to do is talk with him about it.

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If you're chill about it with your landlord, he/she might be willing to help you. By help I mean allow you to switch out for a worthy tenant. Even a lease skip follows you for a long time and six months is nothing comparatively.

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