breaking lease?

sxdvJune 21, 2010

ok so i need to break my lease in my apartment, i read my lease and it says in it the lease can be terminated before its expiry by payment of the equivalent of 2 months rent and the payment has to be given in cash or cert. cheque at the time of giving notice.

but i have no idea what that means, i am on a fixed income and can give notice at the 1st of the month and use my last months rent as the 2nd months rent, but how much notice do i need to give if i give 60 days notice wouldn't that just mean i'm paying for the last 2 months i am there in advance?

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You need to check with the landlord or a lawyer to be sure, but to me that clause says that you need to pay the amount of 2 extra months of rent, over and above the rent you owe for the time you live in the apartment. The 2 months rent is a sort of penalty you have to pay to break the lease.

If you have several months left on the lease, that's actually a pretty good deal. Many places will not let you out of a lease at all, and you are responsible for paying rent for the entire year, unless your landlord can find a new tenant.

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can i use the fact that i was paying in cash to break my lease

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@ anthony: no

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