do you recognize this toy soldier

gigigirrlMarch 17, 2010

We are trying to figure out what this is...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to photos of toysoldier

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Well, I thought of German but I see pat. pending mark on it so American made so that would be Jones- hollow cast lead?? Barclay which had a base & I think were cast iron Manoil, Gray Iron (theirs were cast iron) Marx were made of tin so doesn't look like tin to me. Auburn made them of rubber. So Jones would be my 1st choice then Manoil or Gray Iron would be next. Hope this helps. Jones did make Gr. soldier & some other war type things including wounded soldiers & some with "port arms" whatever they are. Lineol made soldiers & Gr. soldiers also so maybe by them. I'm looking at pages 414 & 419 of Schroeder's Collectible Toys 5th edition. So that's a start.

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I believe it's a it up...un do the screws and post pictures of the inside...
I think it's a chocolate mold.
Linda c

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Looks more like a policeman than a soldier to me. He's got a star on his chest.

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The hat makes him look like a French gendarme.

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