Annoying downstairs neighbours thinking they own whole property

Tanya8776June 22, 2005

I live with my husband and two children in rented, coverted, upstairs flat. My children and my husband have to be up for school and work very early each morning, which means we have to get to bed by 11pm max.

The family that lives downstairs have just had their second child but they don't work and entairtain non stop in their massive garden, of which our flat looks over, through till the early hours.

We have no garden and we pay the same rent as them!

The harrass us constantly when asked to keep noise down and the police have done nothing. On one occasion, one of their drunken friends turned very violent towards me. They are very petty and have stolen are milk and eggs off our doorstep, thrown eggs at our window and put some kind of acid on my husbands car.

I feel it is important for us to stay in the right and try to remain polite but im really fed up with their behaviour and it's obvious that they're doing all this to annoy us.

Please help me get back at them, without moving house and please help me to stay in the right!

Thankyou :)

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Are they the owners?

If not, contact the owners and ask them to rein in the downstairs residents. Tell the landlord what you have told us (if you have proof). Take pictures, and make tapes of the festivities, then show them to the landlord.

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They sound really mean and I wouldn't "get back at them" if I were you. If they have already done all those things (violence, acid on the car, etc.), I would move immidiately. I know you don't want to move, but this probably won't stop until one of you move. You have a child to think of and who knows what these jerks will do next. You could also call the police but this may make their behavior worse.

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If you can prove they egged your place and put acid on the car, you should be able to press charges. If the police aren't helpful, lean on them and speak to the supervisor, then the supervisor's supervisor, until something is done.

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"If you can prove they egged your place and put acid on the car, you should be able to press charges."

What happens then, a fine? All that would do is fuel their anger even more and cause them to do worse things. What happens when you children are alone and cornered by these angry, violent people who are apparently willing to break the law and fight dirty?

In situations like this where you are dealing with people who just don't care (the worst type of people) it's best to separate yourself from them.

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Who lived here first? You or the jerks?

This sounds like a no win situation. Unless your landlord is willing to do something about these people, all you can do is move.

A link that might be useful:

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hey be careful... those people dont sound too nice or friendly to me
i know sometimes it is hard to just say oh well move! when the money is tight and u have to stay
it seems tho.. also when complaints are made, then harsh feelings and revenge comes in
people tend to be enemies and that was not their intention
apartment living, duplex living can be so tedious, causing us to tiptoe in our own home
and we forget the every day sounds that goes with every day life!!!!.. I try i honestly do.. but some will not try and make it a joke to make your life unbearable..

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