Turn of the century armoire for sale - where to list and how much

thecloseMarch 16, 2011

Hello All,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! I am moving and need to sell a few items. One of which is this armoire. I am told it is either English or Irish, around 1900. The dimensions are: Height-6 ft. 10 in., Width-6 ft. 4 in. and Depth-1 ft. 7 in. It is in great condition with one exception - the left side door is unhinged. Some of the woodwork is damaged. I just lift it off to use the inside.

So, would any of you hazard a guess as to what I should ask? Is Craigslist the best option? I am in San Francisco.

Thanks so much!


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Nice. I have a friend who has a similar one she lugged to LA from London.
CL is your best bet and I dunno--$300? $400? Search around and see what's the going rate for these.

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Thanks, ideefixe! Was hoping to get a bit more but maybe I am completely off the mark. I am waiting to hear from a dealer here to see what he thinks. From there I will probably post on CL.

Appreciate your help!

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Around here in Vancouver I think that would count as a fairly unusual piece due to the carving. Quite nice. But the damage will reduce the value considerably. Plus the middle doesn't open, that would reduce its attraction. $300-400 is probably realistic. You can always start by being optimistic if you list it! But check other listings and look into stores first.

The way price works is that people shopping on craigslist expect to pay about half what they would in a store. Since the store will pay you about half if they take it on consignment, you'll more or less get the same price either way. If you're in a rush to get it out, then you'd have to hope you can find a dealer who'll take it - often a household consignment store will if a "real" antiques dealer won't. If you're not in a rush, then you can post it on craigslist and wait... sometimes for a long time, sometimes having to repost a few times. So how you sell is really more about time than about money.


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I've seen very similar armoires at auctions go for as little as $250 since there isn't any carving. Even the beautiful carved ones go for as little as $400. Seems these days people find them too bulky, but I have 3, two of which house tv's. ;o)

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Thanks for your responses! I am going to list on CL and hope for the best.


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