Just curious.....

patty_cakesMarch 8, 2011

...but what do you think of painted vintage(not true antique)furniture? Do you think it's 'just not right'? Like it? Don't like it? If you were re-doing a room, would you consider it? ;o)

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It's not my thing as it would not fit the semi-formal decor of our home. However, as many magazines show, it is very chic in cottage style homes.

There are kits available which allows the painting of wood furniture to simulate a perhaps darker wood grain. Much of the cottage chic seems to sport a crackle finish.

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Fori is not pleased

If the finish is too bad to save, I think painting is a good option. Instead of ending up in the dumpster and buying something new (and dumpster-bound), paint can make an item usable.

So I think it has its place. I have a few items that should probably be painted. :)

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I think it has merit, though I've never yet done it. Some wood is not that great looking, and wood-tone is not always the best decor option - there can be too much of it. Not to mention that woodtones don't always match.

Having said that though, the odd piece I've had that I've wanted to paint, I've not yet been able to decide what colour to paint it. It seems so final, and having stripped a lot of wood, I hate to do anything irreversible. What if decor changes, or if you want to sell it, and it's not quite the right shade of yellow or purple or green?? Or even cream vs. white? In case you can't tell, I have decision-making problems :-)

One thing I've done - but only with plywood furniture, not anything good - is to wallpaper it. Some of it has turned out really nicely. Of course you have to be a bit careful with the furniture then, because once it's torn it looks bad, but it is easy to reverse - I've taken it off as well as putting it on.


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I've also seen pieces decopashed (spelling). This style and the painted wood grain style are rather dated. A quality paint job on a vintage piece of furniture is a good option.

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Some pieces that have been picked from a trash pile and salvaged with lots of wood filler to remain functional need to be painted and look fabulous. I love the look of cottage chic in a nursery...

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I don't mind it, but most people slap on a coat of hot pink latex and call it good. Just painting something vintage with a flat color seldom gives a really great finish.

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I'm a sucker for grain, and will strip the finish off a nice piece of wood and oil it down so that I can really experience it...

mostly, I prefer 'limed' finishes to solidly painted - letting the grain and the colors interact makes for a softer presence, and since the paint is rubbed in to the finish rather than applied barrier-like over the top of it, it's easier to retouch, or play with...and I'm prone to whimsy ;)

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It the piece wasn't meant to be painted, I think most pieces look odd painted.....and trust me I have painted well more than my share of semi-antique furniture. But I have matured.....and learned that in most cases the original design was best.
There are exceptions, but mostly...I say if it's not painted now, don't paint it.
I have "un-painted" a barn load of other people's painting frenzy.....and likely some day someone will "un-paint" some of the stuff I have painted....like the oak chairs, the cedar chest, the maple desk....
I hang my head.....
Linda c

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I'm laughing out loud at LindaC hanging her head. I'm not a fan of painted old furniture unless like Fori said, it will end up in a dumpster anyway, or Robins143 comment about cottage chic in a nursery. I think I would prefer the more up to date looks of Scandinavian style or French Industrial light stains. Wisteria and Restoration Hardware have a lot of the "Belgian" look that could be copied. I'm all for keeping something old and re-finishing rather than buying something new. As someone has already said, Antiquing was the original "green/recycle" movement, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

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I think I made a big boo-boo when I painted my antique OR vintage breakfast chairs. They have the round back with a small decoration on the top, and round seats also. The stuffing is horse hair, and the chairs were originally from England. When I purchased them, they were a dark cherry stain(I don't know what type of wood), and I painted them an ivory w/glaze to 'mimic' the kitchen cabs~~i'm now realizing all the work i'll need to do if I decide to restore them to there original condition. ;o)

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