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julie98056June 8, 2010

I recently signed a lease at an apartment complex because they offer the use of a private dock for those of us who own boats. 3 weeks into my lease I received a notice that the dock is now off limits to boaters Wednesday through Sunday because it is now being used as a docking station for a local cruise ship that sets out 2 or 3 times a day. Really, who uses their boat only on Monday and Tuesday? Really?

All their advertising states use of a private dock. When I asked for the dock rules in writing, I was given the same generic set of rules to initial, none of which mention the dock. I was told that boaters are limited to a 2-hour tie up, which is reasonable. I was never told we would be limited to only Mondays and Tuesdays. This is a huge deal for me because I would certainly have moved elsewhere if it weren't for the use of that dock.

My real question is this: Can they really do that?

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They can do whatever they want unless you have it in writing that you get to use the dock whenever you want.

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Ads don't have to be blatantly false to be illegal. You interpreted something that wasn't the reality, which also counts. There's definitely growing sympathy for people who feel wronged regarding real estate, but the onus currently remains on us to read the lease before signing it. Up until then, you have all the power.

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