PLease help! Smoke coming through my wall heater

precisebtznpcsJune 27, 2006

Hi there, i have a problem that i need help with. My girlfriend and i just recently bought a condo and it is a 4 plex. I have a wall heater that is right next to my bathroom and every couple hours i can smell cigarette smoke coming out of it. I am not a fan of 2nd hand smoke and my girlfriend is allergic to smoke to make matters worse. I called the homeowners about this and they told me to put non flammable insulation inside the heater and turn the pilot light off. I did that and it did nothing i can still smell the smoke. I dont know what else to do about this i already had to take my girlfriend to the emergency room cause of this. Any suggestions would help.



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Do you need this heater? Perhaps you could have someone come out and remove it and seal it up. If its more of a space heater it could be replaced by a self sealed electric model in the bath fan or wall (if electricity is there)

Other option to remove smells is an ozone machine. Not sure how it would work with smoke entering your unit. Many places that sell them will let you try it for 30 days. (They are spendy!)

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