Knocking Problem

melissa1955June 21, 2008

I have an unusual problem. We have at least two people in different apartments in our building who feel the need to knock, bang, and beat on the wall in response to the smallest of (normal) apartment noises. But, they just don't do it a couple of times, they knock sometimes all night long...guess they feel that will certainly punish the noise offender. We are losing so much sleep and rest over this.

The problem is that our apartments were built in such a way that you do not know where the knocking is coming from. There is an echo also which makes it more difficult to determine the location. We are at our wit's end and our apartment manager has torn out what's left of her hair from the roots. Unless you "catch" them in the act there is nothing that can be done.

Anyone have any suggestions...please???


Been Knocked Silly

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ok kinda snide but yanno how much fun a lions roar would be soon as they pound turn it on very loud ( lions make funny sounds ) a loud roar at a knocken will make them stop and maybe back up ..
go make a tape at the zoo of the lions as they sound off for the day .. ..
sorry I know that some folks will just never stop or learn they want to control life around them and that doesnt always happen .. so try something diffrent .. Laughter seems to calm the roars of discombulated folks better than legal options

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Are you absolutely sure it's people knocking, and not the plumbing system? If it's old and not maintained properly, it can make a lot of noise consistently that sounds like knocking.

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Play Opera or Polka music. They'll settle down! ;)

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