Metal Bottle Opener marked R.E.P

justlindaMarch 4, 2011

I have this old metal (attracts a magnet) bottle opener that is marked with R.E.P on the back in raised letters. No other markings.

Anyone know what the R.E.P stands for, or means?

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And it's shaped like a fish! Cute. REP? Probably the casting foundry? Or was there a beer with those initials?

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I looked in 6 books & didn't find it or the REP sorry.

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I suspect it's cast iron, simply because most of my old bottle openers are but I can't tell by the picture. I have only seen one fish-shaped bottle opener and it was online on e-bay, I think. The seller didn't know the origin of it either, but it looked very like your's. There was no mention of a moulder's mark but the seller for some reason suspected it was from Italy. I have no way to know why. They were just guessing I'm sure because they thought their piece was made out of brass and it wasn't.

It's not going to be any older than 1890s since that's when bottle capping bloomed. No, I keep up on foundries and metal works, since it was a family occupation (and actually I still have relatives in this field) and I haven't researched it at all online but that mark is not familiar to me. It's a cute little piece.....I'd hang on to it and maybe you'll find out more about it.

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Thanks for the input. Now to find something (or other) to drink from a bottle-cap bottle so I can use it.

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It is my initials! Wonder how they got them?

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