Message to management regarding noise complaints about us

falafel23June 10, 2010

I live in a large apartment complex, and have been having issues with the downstairs neighbor. I am considering sending this message to the management. It contains relevant details.

Is it a good idea to sent this message? Does it have enough details, or not enough? Please advise!



I currently reside in Apartment XX. I am contacting you regarding our downstairs neighbor, in particular about an incident yesterday. Yesterday evening, we had some guest visiting our apartment, including some children (we also have a 2 year old ourselves). Around 8:30, as the kids were playing, our neighbors started banging on their ceiling. They did this at least once more. After a while, they knocked on our door and threatened to call the police.

While I think that our neighbors are perhaps overly sensitive (their first complaint about my daughter was when she was only 7 or 8 months old and wasn't even walking yet), I am sympathetic to their desire to have a quiet environment at night. However, this most recent incident happened well before "quiet hours".

Overall, we enjoy living at [apartment complex]. However, the situation, as it currently stands, is not sustainable for us. Are there are any options available to us, or suggestions you may have for us, short of tying our daughter to a chair at night and never having guests over?

Thank you for you time,


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I think a letter like this is a good pro-active move. However, how were the kids playing? Were they sitting around a table, coloring? Or were they running around? There's a big difference, noise-wise.

If there is anything you can do to help reduce the noise transmitted to the downstairs apartment, do that and include that in your letter. "We have decided to put an area rug down over the carpet in the part of the living room where our daughter plays the most, in the hopes that this will help with the noise issue."

You might ask for a clarification of how much or what type of noise is allowed during non-quiet hours. And ask that this information be passed on to the downstairs neighbors.

I would not call the neighbors "overly sensitive"--this makes you sound defensive. Just state that in the past, they have complained about your daughter's footstep noise at a time when she could not walk.

Also delete the bit about tying your daughter to a chair. Just end with the request for options or suggestions.

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You know, if you had just apologized nicely, said the problem was visitors' kids and said you hoped they'd behave better next time, there might be no problem. Why does everything have to be escalated to a big deal?

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I agree with Camlan. Just the facts, no editorial. Being the bigger person is always a good idea, but I'm amazed at how sensitive to noise people who live on top of each other can be. If people sue McDonalds for making their kids fat, a quick note to the mng't company requesting clarification of rules is reasonable.

My primary residence is an apt building and there are small children who live on my floor. They make noise, of course, but it's the trade off.

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Let them call the California we have a noise law...reasonable noise can be made between 8am-10pm. Also, if it is a huge problem get an apartment on the bottom level...

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