snuff box antique

chippercricketFebruary 8, 2012

i have a snuff box, i thought i could post pics, but i dont think i can

My Mom is 73, and the box belongs to her Grandfather. I think it is made from mahogany, still is full of snuff, and it has a bronze looking decorative inlay.

It must be from the 1800s

Anyone have a clue


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Read the directions at the top of the page......that will tell you how to post a picture.
How do you know it's a snuff box and not a tea box?
Linda C

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Contents this old probably no longer emits anything you can smell, but you can try. Take a small pinch of the contents and crush between your finger tips while holding under your nose. If it smells like tobacco, then it is snuff or pipe tobacco; If it smells like tea, then it is tea. If the box has a second compartment suitable for holding matches, it could be a box for pipe tobacco. If it has only one compartment, then it could have been used for pipe tobacco, snuff, or tea. A century ago, sugar was also served at meals in small closed containers.

Since it belonged to grandfather and not grandmother, I'm betting on pipe tobacco.

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My hubby collects tobbacco tins the metal ones you slide in pocket ,some of them are pretty valuable

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