Framing/Insulation around basement fireplace

nb14February 22, 2012

Hi all! New to the site here.

I have recently purchased a home that has an unfinished basement with a block foundation. I plan on finishing this space. I will be using 2" XPS to insulate the walls followed by 2x4 framing over the insulation.

My dilemma:

There is a red brick fireplace against one wall. How would one go about insulating/framing around the fireplace? I understand that XPS is quite combustible, so how close can I get to the fire place brick work?

Kinda of a side question as well, but if I planned to mount a TV over the fireplace, would I place the XPS on the wall above the fireplace as well?

Thanks in advance!


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how close can I get to the fire place brick work?

If the fireplace is built to modern Codes, the XPS and wood can go directly on the brick and above the fireplace too.

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