Evil insane neighbor in condo

salsoulJune 13, 2004

Evil insane neighbor in condo

I bought this condo a few months back. Its a 4plex. All of the people who were living here previously moved out when I moved in - except for the evil lady. She has been here for years. I have spoken w/ the people who moved out, and they have confirmed that they moved out because of the Evil lady. Dont ever buy a condo. The guy who sold me this one did not reveal that there was a problem neighbor. Here is the list of things Geraldine, the evil lady has done thus far:

1. Geraldine called me on the phone at the end of September @ 5:00 in the morning to tell me that she did not want to be the Condo Secretary. Then woke me up a second time by calling at 7:30AM to have me come and get some Condo papers

2. In mid- October as I was walking to my wifes car I was harassed by Geraldine. My wife was already in the car and we were just leaving to go on a week and a half vacation to Virginia. Geraldine made ad ominous statements and threatened that my Buick would not be in one piece when I get back from vacation because "itÂs a stupid looking car". I spent the vacation worrying about my Buick.

3. A guest of mine spent the night at my house on a Friday night. On Saturday morning Geraldine Pounded loudly on my door and shook my door-knob till I woke up at 7:20AM to move my friendÂs truck.. Geraldine stood in my face and shouted nasty things toward me while I tried to open my friendÂs pickup truck door. Geraldine complained that she needed to go to work and told me to move the vehicle which was parked behind hers. I told her that I didnÂt know she had to go to work on Saturdays and for this she called me "stupid". Her boyfriend regularly parks in the guest spot. Geraldine never went to work that day anyway, but did finally leave after 8:30 AM for a 45 minute errand.

4. Geraldine ripped a piece of a paper sign off my front door.

5. I had constructed a large bookshelf as a gift for my same friend. When he came to pick it up he parked near my back door. In order to do this he had to drive on the next door neighborÂs weedy, sandy grass. Geraldine saw this as an opportunity to cause commotion. She came out and harassed my friend and questioned his presence. She accused him of false things and told him to leave. I told her not to harass my guest. When he did not bow to her dictates she knocked on the neighborÂs door, woke her up, and riled her up to her cause. She and the neighbor both yelled at my friend who simply loaded the bookcase and left. I had to call the police (911) because of all the commotion. The police did not come to my door that night, but simply told Geraldine to get inside. Since this day, she has had her friends park there numerous times, proving that it was not the neighbors lawn she was concerned about.

6. while outside Geraldine made several nasty and sarcastic remarks, including asking me if I had graduated kindergarden yet. Also complained about 1Â high flower fence I was installing near my door.

7. Friday, Nov. 28th - Water sprinklers tuned on in the daytime for unknown reason. I went and looked at the controls but could not figure the thing out. Joe of unit 104 tries to see if he can figure it out and I walk away. While I am on my back patio, Geraldine comes over near shed and says that the water should not be on and that if I donÂt turn it off she is calling the police on me.

8. Dec. 7 I found part of my fence broken down. No evidence that Geraldine is culprit, though. I simply reinsert fence farther into ground this time

9. Dec. 9 As I walk to my front door from my mailbox, Geraldine says I may get wet then lightly squirts me with hose. I also notice that the fence is broken again. I tell her to watch where sheÂs walking. She sarcastically tells me that the wind must have done it.

10. Dec. 15th today at 10:00 am when leaving the house I notice that my carÂs hood has been keyed. After this I decided to install a surveillance camera recording system. I record my car whenever I want with videotape.

11. @3:00 I come home for lunch break from work and notice that more parts of my fence have been knocked down and that my welcome mat is kicked aside.

12. Today when I checked my mailbox after work I noticed that the letter, a very important valorum tax exemption document was all wet. The letter was some what ruined. No evidence that Geraldine is culprit, though. I had better start using a P.O. box for now on. (it was not a rainy day)

13. I had an officer have a talk with Geraldine. Her boyfriend was not happy with this. I also installed a motion detector outside which turns on a light every time someone walks by my car at night.

14. Jan. 08 2004 Â since the police spoke with Geraldine, itÂs been quiet up until a few days ago. Within the last 3 or 4 days, I have discovered the following:

a. An item that I had placed next to a baby tree so that the mowers would see the tree was missing. A day or 2 later the mowers came and mowed over the "invisible" baby tree. A day later I found the item near my car and it was also broken. Someone had pulled it apart.

b. A cup I am using to grow a plant in outside was knocked over

c. My new motion detector has 2 light bulbs. I noticed that one was not working. It was also hanging down a bit. Upon further investigation I noticed that the bulb was cracked and broken.

d. I spray painted a heavy duty old pad lock to make it look nice to use for my bike. I spray painted it on my back patio on a piece of cardboard. 25 minutes later when I returned to look at the dry result, it was 2 or 3 feet from where I painted it and knocked down, and the paint job got messed up a bit. I know the wind didnÂt do it!

15. APRIL 3, 2004 2 days ago I had to change my wifes cars oil. To make room for this, I parked my car on the grass near the street. Jackass decided she didnÂt like this and came out taking pictures of my car. My surveillance camera recorded her and thatÂs how I found out she did this. (I went inside to get something and saw her on my monitor) I went out and told her to mind her own business. She got in her car and left.

Tonight, as regular, another neighbor's friend came over to visit. The guy has a big 4x4 Ford full size pick up. He drives up onto the front lawn and parks next to the big tree. IÂm not sure if Geraldine ever bothered to take pictures of his truck or not, but assume she didnÂt because it would be logical to take them as well. (Geraldine and logic are miles apart) She did not take any pictures of it today, though. I checked the video tape footage. she is constantly taking pics of my Buick for no reason at all.

16. MAY 20. Because it was a hot day and the whole reason why I bought this condo was because of the shade of the large tree out front, and also because, like Bush, I donÂt believe in appeasing terrorists, I parked in the grass in the shade today. Knowing GeraldineÂs mental health problems, I had the surveillance camera on and recorded the incidents of today: Geraldine taking more pictures of my car, Geraldine moving her car to try to block my car from moving, etc. When I saw her taking photos, I went out there, sat on the car, and asked if I could be in the picture. One of the other neighbors, who she has brainwashed into thinking that sheÂs a nice lady, stuck up for her when I told her that she needed to take her mental medication. Geraldine said to me, "IÂm placing a curse on you. YouÂre done for." I told her that she was admitting to be a witch, but she had no reply.

17. May 28 Geraldine threw 2 newspapers into my car. My surveillance tape shows her doing this clearly, too.

18. Althought she has never gotten along w/ the people who have lived here in the past, she pretends to be a nice old woman to the new neighbors in order to make me look stupid.

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Wow! Truly a neighbor from h*ll! I'd tell her if she didn't straighten up I'd report her to social services and have them take her away to the home!! LOL! How old is she? Or you could say that you burn witches where you come from. Maybe you need to move! Good luck!

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she's in her 60s. The lady who moved out shortly before I moved in used to tell me her own horror stories. At fist i didnt believe her, because the Evil lady was pretending to be nice to me and was saying nasty things about her. But then one day, for no reason at all, Geraldine decieded to reveal her true colors to me. this was the day I was leaving to go on vacation. i asked her, "up untill now we have gotten along fine as neighbors, why are you acting like this?" She had no answer - just silence. When I got back from vacation, I appologized to the other lady for not beliving her. She told me more of her horror stories, and then moved out like 2 weeks later.
Now Geraldine is pretending to be nice to the two new people who live here, and is saying nasty things about me to them. I suppose this is her routine or something.

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Does EISL have any relatives you could contact?

It sounds like she is truly mentally ill (my guess would be schizophrenic) and needs to be supervised. If she tries that crap on the wrong preson, she could end up dead or wounded.

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Hey, now I know here Ora moved when she left my building! Changed her name to Geraldine, but same MO. And had most of the people here convinced that she was this sweet,wonderful lady. Once she was caught red-handed adding dye to somebody's wash- and she still pulled it off with an excuse. "Oops! Golly, was that dye? And this in't my washer? Oh, I just feel awful...."

I wonder, is there someting about a condo that attracts evil, insane old women? Eventually people do catch on... just for Gosh sakes, don't retaliate, because you will instantly become the persecuter she so ardently desires to vindicate her malicious tricks. Then she can play the victim, which is the big pay off for sickies like this. If you can catch her destroyng your property, you can call the cops repeatedly and maybe they can put a lid on her.

Meanwhile I suggest placing a large mirror on the outside of your condo to reflect her evil thoughts back on her, and tell her so, but not when anybody else can hear.

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Wow, you are a patient man. I'd save the surveilance cam movies and go to a lawyer. See if you can sue her for harrassment, invation of privacy (opening or destroying someone's mail is a felony) and destroying of property. Add some mental pain and suffering for good measure. You'd be surprised just how well it might work.

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who's Ora?

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Oh boy do I feel for you!

If I were you, I would stay as far out of her way as possible. Ignore her. Don't respond back to her in any way. Don't make remarks about her mental illness. Don't let her see you get upset. Go about living your normal life and pretend she's not there. When she starts in on you, turn around and walk away. Don't open your door when she knocks. If you have caller I.D., don't answer the phone when she calls. Better yet, get a nonpublished phone number and don't share that number with any of your neighbors.

You see, this woman wants and needs to get a response out of you, and she'll continue confronting you as long as you keep responding. But I cannot guarantee that she'll start leaving you alone immediately when you start ignoring her...it will take some time. As long as you're following the condo rules, you have nothing to worry about and you are doing nothing wrong. So if it comes down to calling the police, you can tell them that you have been ignoring the woman, yet she continues to harass you. Therefore, if you completely ignore her, she will not be able to blame you for harassing her, because I'm sure she'd come up with some sort of defense as to why she's acting that way towards you. It's great that you've been keeping a log of the events. If you can catch her on tape destroying your property, you can call the police and even bring her to court.

She's obviously harassing you and she has some serious problems. You can make an anonymous complaint to social services stating that this woman is acting irrationally and you are worried about her mental health.

Are you able to sell the condo and move if things don't improve after a while? I don't think it's fair people have to move because of lousy neighbors. I want so badly to sell my home and move because of the neighbor next door, but I cannot afford to move now.

Well, I wish you peace...

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well at least you live in a house. Just build a wall between your house and his. Wont that fix the problem?

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Believe me, it is h*ll living next door to the bad neighbor. Sometimes it sounds as if she and her little boy are in my house screaming their heads off! She, her 3 year old, and her big dog are on my property often, and she doesn't respect that I told her to stay off my property. There is a leash law here, but she lets her dog run free. We live too close to each other and she is one big loudmouth and a neglectful mother. I tried at first to be all nice and friendly towards her, but she was totally unfriendly. Now we don't like each other, so we don't speak. I try to pretend she doesn't exist.

I did receive a quote for a 6 foot high stockade privacy fence running between our properties, and the price tag was over $3,000! I'm looking into other options now. Again, it's not fair that I have to be the one to pay for a fence as I'm not the one causing the problems.

Your neighbor...well, like I said, I truly feel for you.

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Oh yeah, i remember reading your story earlier.
i cant put up a fence because this is a condo. You on the other hand, can. $3,000 is a lot of dough, though. Perhaps you can put up a different kind of fence. A high wooden one or even a concrete block wall would be good. I understand what you mean about you shouldnt have to be the one to pay, but that's the breaks. I shouldnt have to be the one to buy survelliance equipment, either. I shouldnt have to be the one to review hours on tapes each week. etc. Thats the way it is. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good high wooden fence or concrete wall. I wish I had that option.
In ancient times, cities had to build walls around the whole city.

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Plant some fast-growing bamboo.

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Salsoul, I'm so sorry that you have to go through all this, but honestly I would pay if you had a website and posted the survelliance tapes! ; ) Atleast a blog!

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It's December now, and I hope you moved out from this place or at least planning to. Find another place and be happy. Good luck.

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Wow, sounds like an awful person I work with. They will not change because all they have in their hearts are rage, jealousy and bitterness. My guess is she has no one who loves her. You should move as the negative energy is bad for you.

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That advice is 7 years late.

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