What was your cost per sq ft?

onmiown3February 5, 2007

Hi All,

Can you all share with me your cost per finished square foot to have a professional finish your basement and where you are located? I am particularly interested in more "modest" jobs (ie, no bathroom, no soundproofed media room).

We are debating whether or not to finish our small basement in our Northwest Chicago suburban townhouse. The finished job would probably get us an 8x9 laundry/storage room and a 11 x 18 "hobby room". I'm leaning towards NOT spending the money, and just looking for a single family home in the next year. Hubby is wanting to finish the basement and stay here another 3-5 years.



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Our cost was approx. $38/sf total to finish our basement. This is for 950 square feet, bathroom is finished but has stand up shower, rather than a full tub. We have about 15 recessed light and a nice frieze for the carpet (given flooring budget for $33/yard carpet and ceramic for bathroom). Nothing much else that is our of the ordinary, just nice trimwork and paint job. We are thrilled with it so far. Good luck to you!

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Thanks Columbia!

Can you tell me where you are located?

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Ours was entirely DIY and we went beyond just the basics, yet nothing impractical. The finished space is approximately 650 sq. ft. I have never added the total costs but somewhere around $15,000 is my best guess. That would translate to about $25 per sq. ft. I'm sure doubling that with labor and materials mark-up would be reasonable. Photos are linked from "My Page".

As to whether or not upgrading your space will return on the investment, it depends on what your competition is when you are ready to sell. A good realtor could better advise you.

Our location would be near to yours, McHenry Cty., IL

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Would think it will be pretty reasonable with no plumbing involved.
If you're around Chi-town, I will suggest adding some sort of supplement heat down there. That is a cold place in winter.

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Hi Omni...

Sorry, didn't see your question to me. I am in a suburb just north of Pittsburgh.

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Yikes. Does it really cost that much to have it profesionally done? or that much period? I am finishing my 650 sq foot basement for around $8 a square foot DIY.
I am getting the first inspection next week.

I will have a 4.5X 4.5 foot 1/2 Bath (Nothing special)
16X16 Living room
8.5X12 Office
12X16 Media Room (Not sound proofed but 100% walls and ceiling insulated using 5/8 inch drywall
7X9 hallway

18 Can Lights
19 outlets
3 3 way switches
using 7 breakers
1 Electric Ventless Fireplace
3 doors One being a bi fold glass paneled 5 foot wide door
$23 a yard carpeting
Standard base board
Standard casing
drywall Primed and painted

This includes everything there is to buy, pay for ect. permits included.

Yowzers. Will this increase my houses value by $15,000? That would be sweet!!!

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$8 sf sounds really cheap. Is this just a guesstimate? How much have you done? With the cost of materials I dont see how its possible.

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It really isnt a Guestimate (No more than $1 a sq. foot off)

I have 100% of the framing done All 2X4 ($650)
I have 100% of initial Electric done (Inspecting both Wed)
I have basically everything bought to finish (Toilet, vanity, mirrow, doors, knobs & locks, drywall screws, drywall mud, casing, baseboard, fireplace etc.

Basically the only thing I still have to pay for is the drywall which I priced out at $600 ($650 delivered)and the Carpet which I have a budgeted amount at $23 a sq. yard ($1540)

I am saving on the follow:

Drywalling the celing (Plus I like the look of it. I have a few monster soffits that I can view 75% of all plumbing and ductwork from the large unfinished area)
Newly constructed house (Already Insulated to code)(just insulating ceiling in the media room and walls surounding, and around the 1/2 bath)
Paid a family member to do the Electrical & Plumbing (cheaper than contacting it out but made sure they had a little money in their pocket when complete)
Did all the other work myself and will do the rest.
I have discounts on Carpeting and primer and paint.
Had a one time 10% off coupon for Home Depot (Bought all doors, knobs, locks, mud, fireplace, drywall screws, drywall accessories, base board & casing.
I am using left over flooring from when they built my house for the 1/2 bath.

I have gotten ALLOT of help but even if I hadnt I would have done the electrical myself and hired a plumber which would have been a wash. Either way it would have been under $10 a sq. foot easy.

Total Project = $5,100 + or - $200.

Please note I used basic doors, casing and base board. step up from the bottow of the line.

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$8!! now that is really inexpensive.

I started this process last May and here's the number.

My estimate total cost might be in around $25K for a 1550 sf basement - approx. $16/sf.
Right now I'm in the mudding stage of my drywalling process and so far spend about $16000.
Even as a weekend DIYer, I still have to hire out approx. $7k in labor (due to time constraint) to do:
90% framing
100% plumbing
25% mechanical
100% electrical
95% drywalling

I anticipating another:

- $3000 for 43sf countertop & 8' length casework
-$1500 for 8 doors/hardware
-$3500 for carpet/ceramic
-$1000 misc (paint, trim etc)

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