moving to a carpeted upstairs unit

artisticshimmyJune 2, 2005

I've been renting apartments on and off for years. Luckily I've never had terrible problems with neighbors and have never recieved any complaints.

My husband and I are moving into an upstairs unit. we've only lived above one time in a complex that catered to College students so our noise wasn't ever an issue.

When I did the walk-through I noticed that the floors are really creaky. They are plushly carpeted but are so noisy it bothers me to walk with all the creaking (I cannot imagine how the people on the bottom floors can deal with it.) I was thinking about putting another layer of carpeting down over the existing carpet. Has anyone ever done this? Does it cut down on the noise above or below? Also if I do this obviously only the top carpet would be getting cleaned. I'm worried that when I roll up my carpeting upon move-out there will be a terrible mess on the bottom carpet and we won't get our refund back.

Has anyone ever had experience with this?

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At my first (studio) apartment, I whined so incessantly about the hideous wall to wall red carpeting that several of my friends got together for Christmas that year and bought me a large area rug. It covered a good chunk of the floor. When I moved out (about a year later), what had been under the rug was no worse off than the exposed carpet, and was actually less dirty than the carpet that had been under furniture.

It was a first floor apartment, so I can't tell you if it did anything for noise reduction.

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