framing a basement wall over vinyl floor tile

vicgrigFebruary 18, 2009

Can I secure the bottom plate of my basement wall frame over thin vinyl tile which is securely in place over the concrete floor(wall to wall)? My thinking is it will help give me a noisture barrier, and also help in cutting down the cold when I install padding and carpeting on top of it also. My main concern is will the vinyl (1/16" thick I believe) affect the powder activated nails going into the concrete floor and will it affect the construction adhesive at the bottom of the plate, or am I overthinking this? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

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Sounds like a couple basements I knew, including ours.

Won't bother the powder-activated nails, but the tiles continuing to stick are less certain. Probably be fine, but I'd score a line where the wall will go and test-scrape behind it to be sure. (If you test-scape without scoring, it'll end up being a project of scraping the entire floor (been there, done that) and you will find some tiles to come up much more easily than others (use a good, long floor scraper, if you go that route).

BTW, those tiles don't help in cutting down the cold at all. I'm curious how you're planning to heat. We installed baseboards (hot water on a separate zone from upstairs, which is radiator heat. It was a bit of a pain, but well worth it. (Tapping off furnace heat is supposedly easier, if you have one.)

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