No credit/how to rent apt help!!!

janedoeJune 10, 2005

HI everybody,

I need help!!!!!I'm 35 years old & live in California.I want to get my own place.I have no establish credit,rental history.I work seasonal & temp job.I don't have a perm job but i do have some money save.It's not much.

I don't have any co-signer.I need some help.Does anyone have any ideas.I'm looking for a studio apt. roomate would be the LAST idea.I have a small dog too.

The credit part is my con.Thanks

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Your best bet will be to rent from an individual, not a complex. Properties run by management groups generally have to be very specific in their requirements (equal housing laws) and you are unlikely to qualify with no established credit, no rental history, and without a stable work history. So look for someone who is renting a room or a guest house, something like that. Check the paper. People who are renting directly will be less likely to care about your history, but even then there are no guarantees. Good luck.

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Very good idea about renting from an individual. Also, check into low-income places. They usually rent great places to folks with bad credit; sometimes, they'll even give you free debt management/ credit mending advice!

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