how low is too low?

bethandkevinFebruary 12, 2008

Hi everyone... i'm a longtime lurker on gardenweb. We are thinking of finishing our basement in our 1935 home. The problem is that the ceilings are low... SO... how low is too low to finish?

thanks for any info!


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Code minimum for new construction varies. It's 2100 mm (aprox. 6'8") in Ontario, where I am.

When I was a real estate broker, proud homeowners would sometimes give me the grand tour of their finished basement where I barely cleared the finished drywall and had to duck under intrusions. And I stand a lofty 5'6". But if you're 5', that's plenty of headroom.

A neat trick to maximize the height is to go loft style, just spraying the ceiling a light colour.

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thanks "worthy". I went home last night and measured and its 6'7 or 6'8" depending on the part of the basement you're in. (though there are also a couple of beams that probably dip down to 6").

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