A review of my new NXR range

trixieinthegardenJanuary 1, 2011

Merry Christmas to me! What a wonderful gift my family gave me this year...a brand new 30" NXR range. I love it! Here's a link to the album and here are the specs and details.


Each of the four burners is 15,000 BTUs. They are made by the same manufacturer that supplies Wolf with their burners. They are all triple tier, and sealed. The simmer is superlow and the high is super hot. I've put them through their paces the past few days and they performed like champs.

There are no electronics whatsoever, which means repairs, if needed, will be simple. There's a switch for the oven light, a switch for the convection fan, and the igniters are electric. Other than that, it's powered by natural gas.

The entire thing is stainless steel, even the sides and back. The low backsplash vents the oven, which also vents below the cooktop front. The burner wells are really deep, you could probably overboil and entire pot of pasta and not have a flood. So far, I've only needed hot water and a microfiber for cleanup, including spattered grease from burgers grilled on my stovetop grill.

The broiler is infrared, 16,500 BTUs. It worked great on making bacon this morning! I am looking forward to using it somewhat like a salamander (cheese melter) but probably won't broil steaks or burgers, since the oven is manual clean. I prefer grilled anyway for those dishes. It has a cool blue enamel interior, too! I baked cookies the other day and they came out great with the convection, evenly browned and no evidence of hot spots.

I do have a Zephyr Typhoon hood at 850 CFM and now I have a range to match it's power.

The only drawbacks that I can possibly say I see is that it is manual clean, and I would like one more oven rack. There are two racks but you can certainly put three in the 4.2 CF oven space. I've ordered the center grate to make the cooktop full-coverage, but that's backordered nationally until June 2011.

I ordered online from Appliances Connection, free shipping, 3 year full warranty extension, white glove delivery and installation included, $2600. They sent a local guy to do the install, which was nice because if I ever need service, he's the guy to call. He was impressed with it as well.

I think it's every bit as much of a performer as the higher end brands like DCS and Wolf. The object of my original lust was a Bluestar (I have a soft spot for Julia Child, and she used a Garland range, which was bought by the Bluestar folks) and I think I found a great alternative at half the price.

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Thanks so much for the follow-up post! This information is so helpful for those of us still trying to decide. Your "baby" is beautiful! I'm so glad that you're happy with your purchase.

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Very nice. The link is below.
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Here is a link that might be useful: Range photos

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Congrats on the amazing Xmas gift! I stumbled onto this discussion site googling ranges (we just bought a 104yo house that came with a really old Magic Chef range--no offense to any Magic Chef fans out there but having had convection ovens & power burners in the past I've found it a bit frustrating) & have narrowed things down to either a Verona VEFSGG31SS or the NXR DRGB3001. I like the fact that the NXR sounds like a workhorse tank with few electronics to potentially go haywire at a price point that's ~$1000 less than the supermodelly Verona. Unfortunately for me none of the dealers here in Portland, OR, have either available for me to kick the tires as it were so I will likely have to buy off the internet sight unseen. Thanks for posting pics of the range, it looks very solid & industrial. How does it fit with your cabinets? From measurements I've been able to find it seems to have a deeper depth than your standard 30" range (29 3/8" vs 27 1/2"). Are your cabinets the standard 30" depth? (I know this is nutty but I think that having the range protrude 2" or more out from the neighboring cabinets might just drive me batty--I'm a little OCD, lol). Does the gasline connection hit flush from the back panel of the range or is it recessed a few inches into the range so the extra depth coupled with the gasline wouldn't force it forward beyond a 30" cabinet? Sorry for all the rambling & congrats again :)

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Hi adp2525,

My cabinets are the standard 24" depth, and the opening that we installed the range into was 30 1/2"...which left about 1/4" per side wiggle room. The range is slightly wider than other ranges, so that may be something you want to know, especially if you're replacing an existing range.

There is a recessed area about 8" high at the back of the range, which is where they expect the gasline and outlet to be. That allows the range to be flush.

The range has a little front lip, which does extend beyond the countertop, but it doesn't bother me one bit. The lip is necessary because it overhangs the beefy control knobs. The range itself, not including the doors, is about 1 inch deeper than the cabinet, and the doors are another 1 1/2 inches out from there.

If having it protrude would drive you batty, you'll be batty, but it looks fine to me and I've never seen a range flush with the cabinets, the doors always protrude anyway. So to me, it isn't a big deal since it "looks" right.

I guess you could go with deeper cabinets. I've seen some cabinets bumped out to get a deeper countertop. If you do that, a full bullnose would be perfect with the range's lip profile and it would look completely built in. Just keep in mind that the sides are flat, no overhang there at all, and that to get it flush to the back you'll need your service lines in the right area.

Let me know if you need precise measurements for the range and I'll be happy to help.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your help. I guess I was measuring my cabinets in my 104yo house which obviously aren't standard depth lol but strangely are 30" so will look more in scale with a 30" deep range? Can you tell me how far over (from left to right) the recessed area is? The current range we have connects on the far right edge of the back so I suspect we may have to modify the position of the line which ideally we could arrange beforehand so the installer will know what to expect/have the right materials on hand. I'm getting so excited!

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My husband said that the recessed area is 2inches deep and spans the entire width of the back of the stove, and the spec sheet indicates it is 10.5 inches high. The connection for the gasline on the range is 4 inches over from the left side (as facing the range) and 6.25 inches up from the floor.

Hope that helps!

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Perfect, thanks!

We're trying to get a plumber to modify our gasline (it's at 16") & then will order one online from Dvorsons. Josh has been really helpful. Can't wait :)

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I decided to purchase an NXR DRGB3001 after reading the reviews and there was a couple of reviews where several owners experienced the oven enamel paint chipping off and rust appearing. This kind of worried us but the positive reviews out weighted the few negative ones. We even when to to a local place to check it out and didn't see any of the chipping issues mentioned in the blogs.
After owning the range for a week, ours also had the chipping enamel paint issue. When the stove was installed, we didn't see these areas at all. Only after using the oven a few times did we notice that there were blue paint chips on our food. It got really bad after a few uses of the oven and the blue enamel just started coming off by itself. the biggest chip was over 1" long and about 1/2" wide. There are now over 7 chipped areas in the stove after 3 uses. The over worked perfectly as far as the burners were concerned. It took a lot of calls to the store where we purchased if from to get them to even call us back. And we're in the middle of trying to get this thing returned to them, but only after raising holy hell.

A $1900 stove that has enamel quality problems is a major safety issue in our opinion. Paint chips are falling into the food and if you don't catch them, you end up eating them and I can't imagine that being good for anyone's health.

But others have not have problems in this area. But a few of us have had the same safety issue if you search the NXR reviews long enough. So there does seem to be a manufacturer defect with the blue enamel interiors that a number of us are finding.

I would not recommend this stove to anyone as the service is terrible from the manufacturer. Leaving message after message and they will not return your calls at all. We're having to raise holy hell with the place we bought it from to try and get this thing returned. We may have to file a lawsuit if they don't take it back.

After this experience, made in China says a lot to us. I guess you get what you pay for despite the parts being from other countries. It's not the burners from Germany that is the issue - they work really nice. In our opinion, it's the build quality of the stove from China that's the issue. Aside from the oven enamel issue, the left hand exterior panel's fit and finish is not the same as the right hand sides. The gap is twice as big and it pops up a bit more and is not flush. But for the savings over the Wolf, I can live with that, but not the safety issue of the paint flaking off on your food.

I hope this helps others make up their minds and they don't have to go through the mess we're going through. It seems to be hit or miss with this issue.

Good luck with your decision...

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Here's an update of the issues we were having with the NXR oven paint peeling and flaking off when the oven was used. After a month of dealing with the manufacturer and the appliance store where we purchased it from, still NO RESOLUTION. We have not used the oven for over a month now because each time we use it, more paint flakes off.

Their service company came out to look at the over 2 weeks ago and the service guy was shocked at how much paint was flaking off and fully agreed that it was a "safety hazard" as the porcelain paint is very sharp and can be accidentally ingested. After this initial visit, we have been waiting and waiting. Escalating every week to them and nothing. We have now lost the use of the oven for over a month.

From our experience, this company is very slow to respond and it seems that they just don't care if you don't have a working product. Even if you paid nearly $2000 for one of their products. My advice, stay away from this product all together. Spend a bit more and get a reputable brand that has some good service behind it.

Also make sure the place you bought it from is responsive and that they'll take care of dealing with the manufacturer if anything goes wrong.

What a disaster...

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PKSJ, I am sorry you're having such issues with the enamel. Where did you purchase your range from?

Just FTR, I have not experienced any chipping of the enamel in the oven, and I use it quite a lot. And, I finally received the center grate!

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We have had ours for just about 6 months now with no issues of any kind.
After reading this I got a bright camping headlight out and pulled out the racks and took a really good look inside just to make sure and nothing at all, no chips, still looks like new.
Everything works great and we have used it quite often at high temp, baking Pizzas and searing steaks with the broiler.
So I would think if it were going to chip then it would have done so by now.

Sux to get a lemon but frankly there isn't an appliance made nowadayz that doesn't have some lemons shipped out and it doesn't matter where they were made.
I have actually seen far more complaints about Blue Stars that are I think 100% American made.

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I wanted an all gas range with sealed gas burners and did check out American Range in the store. Search American Range. They have had their share of issues as well.

I ruled out Blue Star and American Range wall ovens because of the problems I read here on Garden Web.

I saw Bertazzoni (spelling?) in person and thought is was cheaply made, very tinny and flimsy with a small 3.2 cubic oven. It too has some bad reviews.

I considered NXR because it had the features I wanted and positive reviews here and on other review websites. DuroCorp is making the NXR in a 430 grade SS and not the original 304. I will be researching the difference.

I will say that Phil K. posted the same exact negative NXR review on Price Grabber under a different username pkwan_88.(PKwan88) Suspicious, like he wants it to look like more than 1 person had this problem? He doesn't say who he bought his range from and claims his chipping was within the first week and after more oven use. Then he says "We even when (went) to to a local place to check it out and didn't see any of the chipping issues mentioned in the blogs". Well, rather moronic comment since no one would see the chipping caused by oven usage on a new showroom model.

Another NXR paint chipping post is on AJMadison with a username of "HonestAbe." Seriously...

Our local Maryland distributor no longer provides our stores with NXR. He would not tell me why, but agreed that it was a nice range for the price point. I will have to purchase from another state if I plan to buy an NXR.

A while back I drove to Silver Spring MD to look at an NXR. That store only had the 30" although I wanted the 36". I am remodeling my kitchen and still plan to buy an NXR. Too many good reviews from people who post specifics in performance, where they purchase, pics of their ovens etc to believe the few bad comments I have been able to find.

It seems NXR posses a real threat to a lot of people and the pressure from the more expensive name brands and their employees could be attempting to sabotage NXR.

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He/she may very well have a valid complaint you never know.
There is not a single stove or appliance of any kind for that matter that is "perfect" where each and every one of 1000s has not a single flaw.

Before we bought ours I researched the hell out of it and there was just ONE complaint that I saw at the time (more than 9 months ago) and that was clearly because of a "Shipping" problem, the stove came in busted from the shipper even though the poster somehow blamed it on the stove which seemed pretty odd.

I have seen 2 complaints since both about supposed enamel chipping which I have to take them at their word unless I find out otherwise.
BUT that is BY FAR the fewest complaints I have ever seen on a stove.
I mean people here absolutely love Blue Stars and you can find literally hundreds of complaints about them, same with virtually any stove you can name.

Fact is that regardless of brand or price you can get a dud, it is just the nature of the beast.

But for a stove that sells for under $2000 there is nothing that touches it in build quality, performance and looks.

and all I can say for certain at this point is that we have had ours for 9 months, use it 3X a day 6-7 days a week and have zero problems or complaints of any kind what so ever.

But you could buy one and get that one dud out of a 1000 and hate it with a burning passion.

But I would rather hate a $1799 stove Vs one I just plopped down $6 grand on and you are every bit as likely to get a dud Capital or Wolf etc as you are an NXR.

I know that manufacturers pressure companies in not offering a competitors wares, happens all the time. Especially when that competitor cost $1000s less than yours.

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The big problem seems to be the customer service if you do get a lemon. BlueStar did get a batch of burner grates where the enamel was chipping, not dangerous but ugly. They have been replacing them promptly when notified.

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I have seen a couple people that contacted ADCO for NXR and they had no problems.
They use the same repair company that Wolf & Liebherr uses.

It is probably like everything else, it depends on what person answers the phone in what ever part of the country you happen to live.

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Hello, my husband told me I had the green light to get a new range. After much research, my hopes are hanging very high on the NXR 30". I've eliminated the 'matching' ranges from KitchenAid and everything else comparable due to terrible reviews. I found this forum which introduced me to the NXR and it was love at first sight, yet we've never met. I don't want this to be just an Internet relationship until marriage. Where can I meet the NXR in the D.C. area? roxy63 mentioned a showroom in Silver Spring. Can you tell me the store name? It seems like only a few Internet sites still carry NXR. AJMadison no longer has it. Anyone know anything now about why this might be if it's such a great appliance?

Also, we currently have internal venting with the 'venting' coming from the OTR microwave. Sometimes the smoke alarm goes off when I'm cooking pizza for lack of vent. Am I getting into trouble with this range without a more high powered vent? I'd like to replace the microwave too to round out the stainless appliances. Anyone have any suggestions on that?

Love to hear more about how those who have the NXR are liking their purchase.


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Well we still have not had a single problem with ours.
We have the older model which we actually prefer anyway.

I was in the exact same boat as you a bit over a year ago, I looked and looked and looked and we were about to "settle" for a $1600 Kenmore Gas range, but then I found this forum and at the time several very happy OWNERS of the NXR.
For just $200 more we got what is IMO 10X the stove.

We live in Raleigh NC, so not only is there not an NXR there isn't really ANYTHING else either, no BS no CC pretty much just NO on about everything if you want to actually see it touch it feel it slam and bang it.

What we ended up doing was we found a place in Tampa Fl that sold them and we had friends we were going to visit in Coco Beach so we made a detour on the way home to check it out in person.
The guy that owns the place said he had sold quite a few and never had a return, he also in order to show how well it was made pulled the oven door down and then stood on it with his full weight (about 195# I would guess) with a foot on each side of the window.
The stove overall is very solid and well made, it weighs around 350#, has heavy duty cast iron grates on top, thick heavy stainless oven racks, solid hinges obviously, the door is heavy not light like those cheaper made standard store brands you get for between $500-$1500.

Has an infra red broiler that works just fine, convection oven, good size oven.
GREAT burners that are the same as Wolf stoves uses, ALL 4 burners are 15,000BTU with all 4 burners also having very low simmer.

We also have an OTR microwave and went with a LG LMHM2017ST with the extenda vent which is 400CFM and it works just fine for us.

I would also suggest getting a piece of stainless to go in between the Stove and Microwave, looks good and easy to keep clean.

Largely the reason places don't sell them is they have only been out for about 4 years, basically right when the recession hit so that didn't help.
Plus most manufacturers demand either a certain amount of floor space, certain amount of advertising and in some cases even will make a store owner choose between their well known, solid name recognition item Vs a new item that nobody knows about that might very well be just as good but sell a whole lot cheaper which would slow down their sales.
That way they push out the competition before they ever get a foot hold. Pretty common practice unfortunately.
Store owners will usually opt for the product that sells itself due to millions of $$ in advertising and decades on the market instead of taking a chance with a new product even if the product is great and for a good price.

Here is what ours looks like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave

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Thanks for replying Nunyabiz1. Your stove is beautiful. Did you ever want/order a center grate? They seem to be hard to get too. Your explanation about NXR popularity makes a lot of sense. I'll be in LA next month, anyone know of a dealer there?

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I have never seen the need for a center grate, I can easily lift and move any pot I would ever want to do that with anyway, so would never slide it.
A center grate for me would do nothing but make it harder to clean, but that's just me.

I just checked for you of a place that should have NXR stoves in LA. Seem to have as good a price as any and a showroom. though you should call to see if they actually have NXR's in the showroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here is the link : Absolute Appliances

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Nunyabiz1 Thanks for checking that out for me. I will call ahead. Cheers!

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HI All, just joined this forum after reading all the posts. we are about to purchase a 36" NXR range and we are wondering if there are any more updated posts or info about folks who have owned this range for awhile. All the reviews we have read seem older.

Main concern is the chipping we've been hearing about inside the oven and customer service as this is a big purchase for us and we live in a very rural area.

appreciate any feeback or info.

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I've owned my NXR DRGB 3001 range now for approximately one year and 6 months. It is easy to clean, no chipping of the enamel. However, just recently the oven stopped working. No glow to the ignitor , no gas...It is the ignitor or the saftely valve.

Since I'm past warranty, I'm going to fix this myself. I'm a lady with NO experience repairing ovens but this should be rather easy.

If I were you I would go for the NXR range. WE LOVE OURS.

The only bad thing about customer service is that they don't have the parts in stock... but most of the parts are easily swapped since they are akin to VIking and Wolf.

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We have had ours for a year and 2 months now with zero issues of any kind.
Older model NRG3001, no chipping, everything works great.

The issues with the enamel chipping seems to me like it was a very small batch of the newer model, I have only seen 2 complaints about it and I believe both were resolved.

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I bought a 36' NXR stove 10 months ago. I have had the following issues with it and if I could go back I would stay away from this manuacturer.

1) spark mechanism did not work from the beginning. After 10 months and a complaint filed through BBB it appears I will finally have my stove repaired

2) the stove is rusting - just 10 months after purchasing there are already several rust spots that require continuous cleaning. The quality of the stainless steel must be very poor

3) Burners hardware is rusting and stains cannot be removed

4) Oven gets so hot when in use that it may be a hazard for any child in the house

Durocorp is totally irresponsive and does not care. Stay away.

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I find that very hard to believe.
Ours has excellent 304 stainless and except for 2-3 small scratches from a cast iron pot that hit it still looks like the day we got it, the burners are outstanding and look almost brand new still.
I can have the oven on at over 400 degrees for hours and the door is barely warm to the touch.

There must be a night and day difference between an older NRG3001 vs a newer DRG3601

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Just a quick update on my range. I've owned it for about a year and a half now. Recently, the rear left burner stopped working. I purchased an extended warranty and called for service. I have to say the warranty company (Mack Camera) has really gone above and beyond in helping me. They're based on the East coast and I'm in the Southwest and so coordinating service has been a challenge. They finally asked me to contact Sears and they'd cover the cost of their service call. They also ordered the parts I'd need and had them delivered here.

It turns out that the reason the valve failed was because it was clogged with some sort of mineral-like, powdery residue similar to what hard water leaves on faucets. The tech took apart the entire assembly and the residue is clogging the entire tube, so that will need to be replaced. He said it was likely caused by a tiny pinhole which allowed moisture to get into the tube and eventually the residue caused the clog. Upon opening the stove I was delighted to see how simple it really is to repair, very few parts and a really simple system to diagnose. I'm waiting on the tube and orifice to arrive and Sears will come back and install it as part of the original service call.

I've had no issues with chipping or anything else, this is the sole issue so far. I do think that it might be a manufacturing defect simply because that system is completely enclosed at the factory and there's no way anything could have gotten in there to make a pinhole in the tubing.

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well we purchased our NXR stove. but it will be a few more weeks before we can actually install. It looks beautiful and I hope it performs as good as it looks. the comments have been very helpful. We looked at comments and reviews on way more expensive ranges like Wolf and Viking and Blue Star etc. ALL were out of our price range, but regardless, there always seems to be something that can go wrong and bad reviews on stoves that cost as much as $10,000, including those listed above - so we hope we picked a good one. thanks to all who contribute their experiences to help others make better choices.

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well we purchased our NXR stove. but it will be a few more weeks before we can actually install. It looks beautiful and I hope it performs as good as it looks. the comments have been very helpful. We looked at comments and reviews on way more expensive ranges like Wolf and Viking and Blue Star etc. ALL were out of our price range, but regardless, there always seems to be something that can go wrong and bad reviews on stoves that cost as much as $10,000, including those listed above - so we hope we picked a good one. thanks to all who contribute their experiences to help others make better choices.

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I'm considering the NXR 30 range. I like your installation, Nunyabiz1.

I see that Costco sells them which would give me a bit of a comfort zone.

I see they've changed the description of the new models to show the top and backsplash are 304 SS and the door and sides are 430 SS.

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Speedlever, Thanks.
If I could buy the NXR (or ANYTHING) for that matter at Costco I would in a flash, best price and best return policy.
I am glad they went back to 304 stainless like our old one is.
Although ours is 304 everywhere.
We love ours, never had a single problem with it.
Easily the best range you can buy for under $2000.

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Like many I’ve been out of my mind trying to find the right stove for our needs (or I sh/say wants) and budget. I was looking at the 48” Five Star but have come down to reality realizing a 36” 6 burner would more than suit us and the space for our new kitchen. The Five Star 6 burner is beautiful but it’s pricey at $4500 and the stove is small at 3.7 cu ft.

The NXR 6 burner DRGB3602LP is only $3200 with 5.2 cu ft oven whick I like to avoid having to add a addl wall oven. Seems like a perfect fit. And then I started reading the comments on obtaining parts, paint chipping and cust service.

I haven’t yet but would like to see a 30” or 36” so I called Faxon, the NE distributor in CT to find a dealer. The rep provided a couple names and we had a nice little chat confirming several comments made up thread. (Obviously he’s the distributor so take this with grain. Though they don’t sell direct to the consumer and he seemed very genuine). Also, they are not the repair company but they are made aware of complaints and claims for all the lines they distribute).

He confirmed all parts still ship from overseas, but as mentioned, the same or interchangeable parts used by other manufacturers are often available for common problems and that there haven’t been an influx of service requests that he knows of. The 430 grade stainless steel is on the sides only. The 304 is used for the rest. (Although on www.Durocorp.com the description says the entire unit is 430. Will have to confirm).
He hasn’t heard complaints on rust and should not be an issue unless the unit is in a very humid space but agreed the 304 is a better grade and they moved to 430 to keep costs down. Also he hasn’t heard complaints on the paint chipping in the oven. He said there used to be some 30 dealers carrying/selling the line but it dwindled to a small few with showroom samples and online only vendors. This was due to lack of inventory and long lead time due from inventory being directed to Costco Canada. Recently though, production and inventory levels have increased in the US and they’ll look to gain/re-gain distributors.

I called one of the dealers, AJMadison in Brooklyn. They sell them but don’t have any on the floor. They said the NXR quality is on the low end when compared to Verona and Bertazzoni which are similar quality if a few hundred more. I’ve read plenty of negative comments on those two from shotty construction to bad cust service so I wan’t convinced. I’ll have to investigate more on here (if anyone has any opinion pls post or direct me to a thread which I haven’t found yet). Either way my problem is their ovens are considerably smaller than the NXR too. Bertazzoni 3.7 cu ft, Verona (with only 5 burners which rules it out for me anyway) is 4 cu ft.

I called another dealer, Power House in CT. They do have a 30”. I plan on checking it out very soon. They said they sell a decent amt of them, not a lot. In general they like them for the money and haven’t had any complaints yet. They noted the benefit to the NXR is the simplicity of it’s construction (no electronic displays) so if something does go wrong it’s easier to address. (he is a dealer so take that with a bigger grain. Though he freely recommended higher end brands but for more money)

So that’s where I am. Not that much to add from what’s already been said. An update if anything. I really like the specs on this unit. If I could just be more convinced on the parts and servicing I think I might take the plunge. Seeing the 30” will help decide for sure. I will advise after doing so.

Thank you all who’ve posted on this informative thread and pls post any updates.

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I'm surprised there's not a Costco in Raleigh. We have one just up the road in Greensboro and also in Winston-Salem.

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Oops. Just checked the Costco website and find a Costco in both Durham and Raleigh.

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There is one about 2 miles from me, they just don't sell NXRs.
I had to beg them to start selling the Kamado grill I just bought a few weeks ago. I kept bugging the managers and they finally got 6 of them in.
A "Vision Grill" Kamado for $569.
Excellent grill.

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Probably not in-store, but the .com site shows them. It should be the same purchasing experience without the ability to do a hands-on check before. I think I'll call Costco and just confirm their policy.

Nunyabiz1, I'm just up the road from you in High Point. I have a question for you about your installation. Would you email me at speedlever at yahoo dot com? Thanks.

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Thats right, costco.com sells the 30 and 36 but they don't offer the liquid propane model I would require, just the natl gas.

Unlike some other brands which come with a conversion kit, NXR does the LP conversion at the distributor. I'm sure a tech could do it after purchase but I imagine it will cost more than $200 (the addl charge in AJMadison's price) with parts/labor not to mention scheduling to be home.

It would seem like Costco would better back the unit and so it might be worth it but when I asked Costco they said they don't have a written policy but they'll take back anything. That sounds nice but I'd like something in writing. What do you guys think?

Havent been to the dealer to see the unit so still on fence.

Here is a link that might be useful: 36

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Costco WILL take back anything you are not happy with.
If I could have bought mine from Costco I would have in a flash.
When I bought mine over 14 months ago this was not an option because they are the first place I checked.
I wouldn't even look anywhere else, same price from Costco as anywhere, shipped to the door.

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Hey everyone, I'm new here, but have been spending the last week studying up on gas ranges. NXR caught my eye because it is listed on the Costco page and a pro-style range peaked my interest. With a few searches, I found a ton of information here on gardenweb. I've since read every post, every review, and seen every picture of the NXR ranges on the Internet. (there really isn't that much) I also read up on Bluestar and Bertha.
Long story short, I decided to go with the NXR 30". I did not purchase it at Costco because of the sales tax. To me, it wasn't worth paying an extra $175 for "return insurance". Hopefully I won't be eating those words! However, my credit card does extend the original warranty another year, so that helps. I also purchased the middle grill which I believe is now discontinued as it was a royal pain to find it in stock.

The stove has not arrived yet, and I'm working on getting the gas and new electrical installed for the range. (currently have a old, ugly, cheap, but rock solid Kenmore electric range) I'm also looking at griddles and I have found a few active conversations going on which I may join.

I'll keep everyone updated with my purchase, installation, and performance of the unit as time goes on. And thanks in advance to everyone who has already provided valuable information!

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With the recent demise of our OTR MW, we've had to rethink our entire kitchen approach. Replace the OTR MW, even though the clearance is only 18.5 inches from the stove top (old code)? The NXR with 15k burners might put out too much heat for an OTR MW to handle without frying the electronics.

We're definitely leaning to the NXR range to replace our old problematic Magic Chef gas range. But any option that requires one small change seems to have a domino effect. Moving the OTR MW higher means modifying the ancient overhead cabinets... and redoing the tile backsplash... etc, etc. Changing to a range hood (and ducting it) and moving the MV to a countertop has similar ramifications.

Oh what fun!

Not to derail this thread from the NXR range focus. But the output of 4x15k burners and OTR MW with minimal clearance may be something for others to consider too.

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Just thought I'd chime in that I bought a NXR range in October of 2010 and have been using it constantly with no issues. However, I wish I could get a third oven rack and I have no delusions about DuroCorp being any help if problems arise.

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Looks like Costco currently has a sale on the NXR ranges. For $1799.99 (DRGB3001) with a pretty liberal return policy, that would be the ideal place to purchase even with sales tax. Assuming of course you are a Costco member.

Speedlever, I have the same issues. My OTR MW is pretty low. But it does vent to the outside, so that will help. Plus the times I'll be using all 4 burners together at full blast will be very rare. We will be redesigning the kitchen this year so a full range hood will replace it for sure.

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Hi everybody, been checking this forum out for a while since we are looking to replace all of our appliances in our house we are buying. The costco deal seems great! Has anyone else taken the plunge and bought the 30"? I am really, really itching to get it and with the return policy so generous, it just might be a winner!
I do wonder if anyone has found the ss hard to clean? Just curious as I have not owned a range all ss before. Thanks in advance!

    Bookmark   June 12, 2012 at 2:41PM
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Not hard to clean at all, but fairly easy to scratch.
Buying it from Costco is a no brainer, by far the best deal there is for a 30" gas range.

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NXR users, how well does the oven work? Does it make a lot of noise? Does it bake well? I mostly bake and have heard that electric ovens work better so I was thinking about a duel fuel but the look and value of the NXR makes it hard to pass up.

Thanks again.

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No noise other than the usual creaking here and there as it cools like every range does.
Bakes excellent.

The broiler is great.
The burners are very nice.

Easily the best under $2000 range there is.

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There is always a lot of confusion about stainless steels. 430 grade stainless is cheap and will rust. It has very little nickel. The higher grades stainless steels cost more. 304 is very common in high end appliances for its durability and stain resistance. Type 316 is marine grade and even more stain resistant and more expensive. There are even higher grades but they aren't typically used in appliances.

I would stay away from appliances made with 430, especially if you live in a humid or salt air environment. Sure you can keep them oiled to try and keep the rust down but it kind of defeats the whole point of buying stainless in the first place. BBQ grills made in China are famously cheap and a constant source of complaints on web sites over issues of rusting out in less than one season of use even when kept covered when not in use. To me, once you decide to pay $2K or more, paying a little more for a product you won't likely replace in your lifetime for a better quality product is worth the extra cost.

    Bookmark   June 13, 2012 at 1:06AM
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I don't live in a salty or humid environment, plus my range will be indoors so I must be safe. In the mean time here are some random pictures of my new NXR. Once installed and operational I'll provide a review. Once it starts rusting I'll provide even more pictures while wishing I should have gone with 304!

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Water vapor is a by-product of natural gas combustion.

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You will not have any problem with 430 stainless rusting unless it is a BBQ grill sitting outside in humid salty weather after being super heated by charcoal fires and lots of acidic BBQ sauce dripping on it and never cleaned.
In a normal indoor range situation it should be fine.

Odds are it is 304 stainless anyway.
I know ours is 100% 304 top to bottom, all the older ones are. I have heard, meaning I do not "know" but someone here said they had gone back to at least the top being 304 stainless. Only way to know is to try a magnet on it.

Also if 430 stainless is "bright-annealed" and has been properly "passivated" which I think all 430 stainless is in kitchen applications, it can technically be BETTER than the 304 because it has a harder surface which really is much more of a problem (scratching) with "stainless" than is so called "rusting" of any kind.

If you clean your range top like you should which is basically after each use, which takes a whopping 10-15 seconds then it will NEVER rust in any way.

Also as has been stated ad nauseam before, this range is made up of mostly VERY high quality parts from all over the world.
"" burners, valves and ignition come from Isphording, located in Attendorm, Germany. The gas safety valves and oven and griddle thermostats are sourced from Invensys in the United States. The heavy‐duty door hinge is from NuovaStar, located in Italy. Oven and broiler igniters are from Saint Gobain in Milford, New Hampshire. Automatic reignition spark modules are sourced from Tytronics in Australia. The convection fan and motor are from EBM‐PAPST in Germany.""
Those are better parts than most ranges have that cost twice as much.

Very little is actually "made in China" it is basically assembled in China.
It is also a Chinese company making products for itself not an American company going to China with the specifications of, make this as cheap as you possibly can, which the Chinese obviously oblige and do exactly what the American company ask and pay them to do.

THAT is where you get crap from, it is the AMERICAN company demanding cheap crap and getting exactly what they asked for.

I also have a Chinese made Kamado type ceramic grill, made by a Chinese company for sale by that Chinese company as their own product line.

An American company buys it, slaps their name on it, gives a good warranty (Lifetime) on it. But it is a very good high quality product, every bit as good as the American made ceramic grills costing twice as much.

Nothing wrong with this range at all, don't listen to the usual Chinese bashers that do not own the stove and base their entire opinion on a myth.

Back in the 60s and 70s they were saying the same thing about "Made in Japan" now the Japanese products are known as some of the best in the world.
Same exact situation was going on then.
The American company went to Japan to get get products made cheap as humanly possible, gave the Japanese the specifications of exactly what they wanted, the Japanese complied.
Then of course get the blame for manure when in fact it was the American company that demanded crap at the price point they wanted and got it.

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LOL, I never thought I'd see so much passion about kitchen appliances! For what it's worth, my Apple ipad, iphone, engine knock sensors, oil filters, Nike shoes, and wife's Coach purse are all from China and are good quality. As for stainless steel types, I'm no expert, but I expect moisture (aka water vapor) to also come from cooking food too. If the creators of this range sold us future buckets of rust, well they won't be in the business much longer. Do they have some quality issues? Sure. Reading all the posts here, all manufactures have issues.

I picked the NXR range because of its value proposition. Pro-style looks and performance at a relatively affordable price. I don't want to spend $3000 to $10000 on a range. Not going to happen. Its got 430 steel, so what. To all potential buyers, if you sort through the noise, and read the reviews from actual owners, the overwhelming majority of them are very happy with their range.

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Very few actual owners of the NXR that I have seen have any complaints. Of course there are some but name one range that doesn't.
I am perfectly satisfied with ours so far.

and 430 is really not a problem at all on an indoor range.

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I placed an order through Costco for the NXR 30" a few days ago. Then I found the center grill and ordered it also. I also happened on a new in plastic in box Modern-Aire 600cfm stainless wall vent hood on ebay and the guy let it go for $350. He had paid $1100 for it and apparently decided to go with copper instead so it had just been sitting in his garage. As for the NXR and the type of stainless I would prefer 304 throughout of course but its not a big deal. I ran around my kitchen with a magnet testing all the stainless and there is a mix of magnetic and non magnetic. None of the magnetic is rusting at all! And while the NXR is for my valley house I also have a house directly on the beach at the coast and I would not hesitate to roll an NXR over there either. Right now it does not have gas running to it. I am excited to get it all setup and will post my thoughts later.

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Hello everyone, a dumb question perhaps but what does the center grill do? Does it just help with sliding heavy pots between burners or does it do more?

    Bookmark   June 18, 2012 at 2:03PM
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eesmom you nailed it right on. The center grate just makes the whole top a big even surface to do whatever. I think its a nice feature. It would be nice if the NXR came with it but its no big deal buying it separate.

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Before I installed my range, I took pictures of some of the internals. Could be useful if you are looking for a part. Looks like a fairly simple design.

And here's a picture of the famous center grill.

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I got my NXR and its all hooked up. Even the anti tip bracket that I had to modify because there was nothing solid to screw into behind it because I forgot to plan ahead. If the range goes over half my kitchen will go with it though. I got the newer range. It is a mix of magnetic and non magnetic stainless steel. I do not really care and no rust yet and I do not expect any. So far it has been great. Everything works as it should and all four burners go from very very hot to ultra low. I have been burning off the manufacturing stuff in the oven so have not tested that yet with food. Everything works though. So far the NXR seems like a great stove. I am very happy with it. It came very well packaged and in perfect shape. No regrets as of yet.

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Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for posting all of your pictures and experiences with the NXR range. We just received our 30" model a few days ago from Costco. We LOVE it! It really is a tank (wasn't pretty getting it in the house) : ). So far we've been really impressed....HOWEVER, I've noticed a metallic type dust that rains down from the metal mesh grate that covers the infrared broiler. I noticed this when I made a casserole (thankfully it was covered).

Has anyone else had this problem? Will it just eventually burn off with continued use? Iannn45 since you bought yours from Costco too, have you had any issues? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, mamabear123. I have had the broiler on a few times and I just checked the pan that came with it and yes there was a little bit of metal dust flakes it looks like. I would guess its just part of having a new range and that it will go away. As for problems I have not had any at all. Everything works great. I love the ultra low simmer on the burners. The burners work great with all our pans big and small. If any problems do arise I will sure let them be known.

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Thanks Iannn45 for the quick response. I thought that maybe it was just part of having a new range and the problem would resolve itself. I hope that we're right!

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Yeah it is a tank, I think the crated package was over 350# and we live on a hillside, so we have 37 steps leading down to our front door.
It took 3 of us over 1 1/2 hours to just get it into the house.

My wife and I also had another hernia taking our new Kamado type BBQ grill down those same stairs, it weighs about 250# and was just my wife & I.

In the pic on lower right it goes another 5-6 steps up then goes 10 feet straight and flat then down 4 steps to the parking area.

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hmmm, with that kind of a setup, you wont need an island in the kitchen!

    Bookmark   June 25, 2012 at 10:48PM
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I finally got a chance to test out the broiler and did notice the metal dust issue. I think the problem is these ranges are not cleaned before they are packaged and shipped out. I spent a lot of time wiping down every little crevice and using my vacuum on everywhere the dust and bits could hide. I can safely say now the dust is all but gone.

I've also noticed that this range is really pretty simple to work on. Most of the panels are easy to remove and the core parts are very common with other brands.

BTW, if anyone notices that the knobs are slightly off and rubbing against the side, it's a very easy fix. Just gently pull the knob straight out. Then barely loosen the two screws allowing the collar to be adjusted. Takes less than a minute to fix.

I'm still just getting use to this range. I spent the last 18 years cooking on junky electric ranges. It is good to be back using gas again.

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Good point gwbasic. I did a VERY thorough vacuum on the broiler and the metal dust is pretty much gone. I think you're right that the ranges are probably not cleaned before shipping. Thankfully it was nothing my vacuum couldn't handle! BTW, the oven bakes beautifully. I'm very pleased.

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I am *this* close to buying an NXR, and I'm so excited about it! Two silly? questions, though:

1. do I have to be a member of Costco to purchase this? I don't have a costco nearby...
2. Do I need a high powered exhaust? right now I have a microwave/hood that I hate, but will it do for now or do I need a real exhaust for the NXR 30"?

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1. No, but non-members must pay a 5% surcharge over the advertised price. It's cheaper to become a member for a year which is $55. But the whole advantage of Costco is their no-hassle return policy. If you don't like your range in the future, they will take it back. That's especially helpful if the thing starts under-performing after the warranty expires. Speaking of warranties, most good credit cards, like American Express, add a year to the original warranty.

The second advantage to Costco WAS the $200 off promotion which expired last week. Who knows if that sale will come back.

A disadvantage to Costco is you have to pay sales tax if your state charges it.

2. Most of the uber range owners here will say yes. I currently only have a OTR (over the range) microwave. BUT it also is a convection oven, so it gets itself pretty darn hot, so I imagine it can take some heat from the range. Plus it vents straight up and out the roof. With one burner or when baking, it has had no problem keeping the kitchen cool and clear. But I'm not going to push it. Our kitchen will be remodeled within the next 6-12 months, and I plan to install a high powered range hood well before the remodel.

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another question re: the costco range...I have LP gas...can I buy an LP conversion kit for the natural gas version and just have my guy install it? Or is it a different range altogether?

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I'm not familiar with the LP gas setup, but I see the conversion kits being sold separately. Take a look at the link below. Looks like the part is LPKIT3001 for the 30" range. Other web sites have it for sale for different prices. I would double check with whoever you buy it from that it is in stock and ready to ship.

Here is a link that might be useful: NXR accessories including LP conversion kits

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For those of you that bought yours from Costco, do they remove your old range as well? thanks

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I didn't see it as an option at Costco, but we sold our old range, so I didn't look into it. They use an outside shipping company to deliver it; I just had them wheel it into my garage since I wasn't ready to set it up yet.

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collins design

Hi all-
I thought I'd chime in here... we've had our NXR DRGB 3001 (newer style) since spring 2009. All in all I would (and have) recommend this range to a friend. It's a joy to cook on.

I definitely agree that the parts issue, and customer service from Durocorp, is a big problem. Luckily, though, most (all??) of the parts likely to fail are very basic and readily available gas range parts. If you're handy at all, you can even change them yourself (try THAT with a computerized mid-range consumer range!)

Our experience with some of the issues discussed above:

COOKING PERFORMANCE- Love. Love. Love. High flame to super-low for melting chocolate.

OVEN ENAMEL- We have not had ANY problems with flaking enamel. It's not the easiest to clean (manual says not to use chemical oven cleaner....) but I don't really mind a non-pristine oven so I don't bother with it much.

STAINLESS- has not stayed pristine, although I have not had another solid SS residential stove to compare. We do have a couple small rust spots, probably where some salty water spilled and wasn't cleaned up for a few days. We also live in coastal Maine (humid, sometimes salty air.) I'll add that we have supposedly best-quality stainless MARINE range on our boat, which has never gotten splashed or anything, and it has worse rust. Stainless steel is really just stain-resistant, not stain LESS.

BURNER DISCOLORATION/RUST- Yup. We've asked two different restaurant-stove repair guys, and both said that's unavoidable due to the high temps. I wonder what Wolf burners looks like after 3 years of similar heavy use??? I'd love to know if this is just typical, or if higher-priced ranges don't have this issue. (To be fair, we are NOT very fastidious about cleaning after each use...)

CENTER GRATE- Get it! We got it after about a year of use without, and it definitely adds to the stovetop versatility (and looks)...

PROBLEMS- After about 9 months, the oven stopped working. It was still under warranty and ADCO was great, but the parts were not to be found. (Shipping from China, when? No one knew. Took forever and much complaining to get a real preson from Durocorp on the line.) I discussed the experience in this thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/appl/msg0918431413304.html
Eventually we got the parts and ADCO sent a restaurant-range repair man to fix it. Turns out the part (ignitor) was just something we could have bought easily at any parts place. Wish we had known, since we were without an oven for a long time waiting.

Last year we had another oven issue... same thing, ignitor. The guy who fixed it said that NXR has since upgraded the way the thermostat operates, something about a shield which shields the capillary bulb so it doesn't short cycle, and that ours was failing because of that slight design flaw. We could have replaced the thermostat with a new one but that would have been $150 and since now we know how to replace the ignitor (cheap!) easily ourselves we decided just to leave it be.

By the way if anyone needs to get a new ignitor here's the info:
Hot Surface Ignitor. Norton Model 501A 1004. Our local HVAC/plumbing/gas industrial supply place carries them.

Just recently, the burners have started clicking. At first, just for a second when you turned one on. Now, they all click for a couple of minutes. VERY ANNOYING. We are going to have to fix this!!!!!

All in all we're still very happy with our NXR!!!

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collins design

I forgot to add... I believe you should find a place that does the conversion for you. WE were told that it can be a finicky job and if not done just right it can really impact the cooking performance. Our dealer offered it both ways. I know Dvorson's in CA , who ship all over, also offer it both ways for $1999.

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We have had ours since March 24th 2011 without any issues of any kind.
The back left burner will sometimes continue to click but does it maybe twice a week and only for a few seconds.

We have zero burner discoloration and certainly no rust of any kind.
Once in awhile I will see a spot on the burner but next time I look its gone, it just burns off and goes away on its own.
The stainless itself around the burners is actually the easiest cleaning stove top I have ever had.

Still looks virtually new except for a couple of small scratches, one I made by touching it with a cast iron pan and the other my wife made with a metal spatula.
Stainless scratches easily which is its only drawback.

I just went down and took a pic of my burners, haven't touched the burners themselves in probably 6-8 months or more, the stainless drip area around the burners I clean with a wet rag only after every time I use the stove, takes 5 seconds.
Still looks pretty darn clean to me after a year and a half.

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I had to contact NXR/Duro last week because the range gets REALLY, REALLY hot when the oven is on, even on 350. I wasn't sure if that was normal or not, but they said no, it isn't and they are sending a guy out to check it out for me.
I spoke with DAVE and JERRY on the NXR service line and both were so nice I couldn't believe it. Very understanding, asked a lot of questions, and took a lot of time talking with me. I was super impressed with the service so far.

It is my first stainless/pro style range so I know I will have a bit of learning curve. But I have a 2 year old and I don't want him to accidentally get burned from the outside of the oven. It also seems to KEEP getting hotter on the outside, after you shut the oven off. Like all the heat is escaping and leaching into the stainless, where it stays for a LONG time.
Regardless of that, I have been so inspired and LOVE cooking. I loved cooking before, but it was getting hard to do on my old crappy Frigidaire. Now it is just a joy. I mean everything comes out soooo good. I baked a cake yesterday and was so pleased with it. My old oven used to bake uneven, and nothing came out well. Not anymore!
The burners are wonderful, too. I can't believe how quickly and beautifully things fry up, with a golden crust I never got before. I am such a happy cook:)

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Nope that isn't normal at all.
The only part that should get "hot" is the very back little 4" vent on the top of the stove.
and also at the very bottom the crack that is in between the Door and the Kick plate, if you reach your finger all the way back to the back of that seam it gets hot there.

But the door remains rather cool even after hours of high heat, the very top of the stove might get slightly warm at most.
Glad to hear that ADCO in your area seems to be good.
That is just the way service is regardless of what brand you buy, it all depends on whom picks up the phone near you.

I cant imagine why yours would be so hot though.

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I had to contact NXR/Duro last week because the range gets REALLY, REALLY hot when the oven is on, even on 350. I wasn't sure if that was normal or not, but they said no, it isn't and they are sending a guy out to check it out for me.
I spoke with DAVE and JERRY on the NXR service line and both were so nice I couldn't believe it. Very understanding, asked a lot of questions, and took a lot of time talking with me. I was super impressed with the service so far.

My NXR also gets very hot when the oven is on. I hardly ever use the oven, so it's not a major issue, but I should probably look into it. What NXR number did you call, the one for ADCO?


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I called the nxr number in the manual.

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staceyneil, thanks for the long term review! Glad to hear your range is holding up well with a few minor glitches.

I've had mine for a few months now and really have no major news to report. Some minor observations include:
- The stainless is easily scratched. Especially if you are not careful removing the grates for cleaning.
- Cleaning can be a pain if the grease gets baked in.
- The oven door does get very hot, but it's a non-issue for me. I don't touch the door. I use the handle.

Slowly this range is settling in from a new fancy toy to just another appliance. It looks and cooks fantastic. Not much more I can ask for!

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I live in Beijing China with my family - we just moved here a year ago from Colorado. Our company ordered an NXR gas range and we shipped it from the USA. We are having an issue with the oven heating properly for the first 20 minutes and then dropping temperature to under 200. We are guessing it is because there isn't natural gas in the kitchen, only propane tanks. Does anyone know if there is a regulator we can order to help maintain the gas pressure at a steady rate so we can use the oven?
The company purchased this from the US because stoves are not available to buy in China at this point.

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Do a search for nxr LP converter...I got mine from appliance connection.

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gwbasic, How is center "grill" holding on the stove for you? Does it slide back & forth? From the picture, there is nothing to keep it in place.I'm thinking of buying NXR fr Costco and ordering center griddle from Duro.
My post is Premier vs NXR.

    Bookmark   September 6, 2012 at 11:26PM
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Just to avoid any confusion, I meant to say center grate, not grill in the post above, but we can't edit our old posts. There is no heating element in the center of the 30" range.

matreya, you're right, there is nothing locking it in place, so it can move back and forth, but not side to side. But I haven't had that problem. I even put felt pads underneath to prevent scratching and to raise it up enough to match the height of the other grates, and even though it's technically more slippery, it doesn't move. Probably because it's 6 pounds of cast iron and also because when you move pots around, it's normally a side to side motion.

Really it's a non-issue.

I think buying from Costco is the way to go. I don't think DuroCorp sells the center grate direct to consumers, but there are NXR resellers who carry it.

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Someone worried about CLEAN UP for NXR ranges.... here's what I do...

To remove that cooked on food residue around the burners.. get you some BAKEEPER'S FRIEND brand scouring powder . It is fairly inexpensive. I bought mine online... It's made specifically for stainless steel. DON'T, I repeat DON'T use the Ajax... it will scratch.

Sprinkle BARKEEPER's FRIEND on and add a little water.. make a sort of slurry paste. Let it sit a minute or two and the burnt on food residue comes off with a little rubbing with a damp cloth. I do this maybe once every other week. I'm not as good about cleaning the inside of the oven.... but if you add a little baking soda paste to the inside of the oven and let it sit a few minutes the burnt on food comes off fairly easy.

Over 2 years with the NXR 30 " and we are very happy. We only had one problem... the ignitor broke.... but I fixed it easily myself (I'm a lady). Somewhere on Gardenweb I detail how to do this (it also shows the part number so you can purchase a spare ignitor inexpensively and have it on standby .... just in case yours breaks.... NXR won't have them in stock). If I can fix the ignitor...ANYONE can. Very easy and saved me hundreds.

NOTE: I found that if your burners continue to click... take the circular parts off (sorry don't know the proper name for them) and you'll probably find some black powdery carbon from burnt food. If you blow that out of the burner assembly area.... the clicking should return to normal.


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Both of our local hardware stores and the grocery store carry BKF, so I get it locally.

I used a lot of BKF on my previous stove. Stuff seemed to almost instantly bake and burn onto the shallow burner pans on that stove. With the much deeper wells around the NXR burners (see the photos above from Nunya and Gwbasic), not much seems to bake-on to the cooktop. I mostly clean with a mild spray-on cleaner like Windex and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

For cleaning the oven, I've sometimes used baking soda and sometimes used BKF to clean up sticky, carbonized stuff after roasting meat and poultry. (I do a fair amount of baking which is why I try to keep up with cleaning the oven. A smoky taste is good for meat but not desireable for bread and biscuits.) I've also spritzed/misted splatters with water while the oven is still hot. Some stove makers, such as Wolf, do caution against putting a wet sponge on the hot oven porcelain. Apparently, that can produce thermal shock that results in crazing or crackling of the surface. So, in case any NXR oven owner is anal enough to try using a damp sponge to clean a hot oven, don't. ;>)

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I have gleaned enough information from this site to throw me over and purchase the NXR reviewed here. From NXR website this seems to be a free-standing, not slide in. Pic did not focus enough and want to know if there is any cooktop overhang as is case w/slide-ins? I am replacing slide-in and countertops are new, so no mods in the budget.

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collins design

It is freestanding, so no overhangs. BUT you should be aware that it is a bit wider than USA 30" models. Those, I think, are just shy of 30" wide to fit into a 30" slot in the counter.... the NXR is actually a FULL 30" wide so the "slot" between the counter edges needs to be wider than that. Hope this helps.

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To amplify what Stacyneil just said, most US and CA 30" freestanding and slide-in ranges are 29 actually 7/8" wide. The NXR is a true 30" wide. Depending on how anal your countertop fabricator was, the cut-out might be a skoonch under 30" or it might be a bit wider. Measure the gap in you countertop, yourself, to figure out if you would need to have some of the countertop edge(s) shaved to install an NXR.

Or, maybe you were looking at a 36" model?

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Hot-looking stove. Installed today. Will let you know how it goes...

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Nice, congratulations.

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I'm interested in this range. Can someone tell me how deep it is from the back, to the front of the door? The only measurements I've found on depth are to the handle, and to the edge of the lip. The latter being 27 3/8". I have a dishwasher that is perpendicular to the stove, and the door opens at roughly 27 1/2" to the wall that the stove sites on. I'm guessing that lip is a inch or so, so to the door about 26 3/8", but if someone could confirm that, I'd really appreciate it!

Also, what is the height of the oven interior to the bottom of the broiler? My current stove is 12.5 from the floor of the oven to the broiler, which BARELY fits a 20lb turkey. I'm hoping for an oven height of at least 14" or so. I know the specs say 15", but I've measured other ovens with such claims only to discover they were closer to 12.5" in reality. I don't know how they take their measurements! Anyway, again what I really need is the height from the floor of the oven to the bottom of the broiler element.

Again, appreciative of any help!!

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collins design

I think it's more like 26" to the door face. It's hard to measure perfectly accurately when it's in place. Maybe 26 1/8" max.

My broiler is slightly lower on the sides than in the center; the shortest measurement from the floor is 14 1/8". 15" in the whole inside height not taking the broiler into account.

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Back of stove to front of oven door (sans handle) is 26.25 inches.

Oven floor to bottom of broiler projections is 14.75 inches. (There are two small screws that stand about 1/4 inch proud of the bottom of the broiler burner; otherwise it is 15 inches from the oven floor.)

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Do you have the NRG model?

I was measuring a DRGB which I bought last September and which (I think) is slightly different.

I did not think to check for tilt on the broiler ignitor-burner projection. Going back to measure again, my DRGB does have some tilt to the broiler ignitor housing, but less than on yours. On my DRGB, the far left side of the broiler element/projection is 14 3/4" at the left end, next to the left oven wall. This projection is sitting below the IR radiant panel which is in the ceiling of the oven. While the ceramic IR panel extends across almost the full width of the oven, the projection for the ignitor/burner only goes from the center to the left side. On the right side, the DRGB oven is a bit over 15 1/2 inches high, if that matters to jayb34.

On the depth, the distance from the back of the stove to front of the frame is exactly 26" on my DRGB. However, the DRGB's oven door sits slightly proud of that surface. I got the 26 1/4" measurement by putting a straight-edge across the door at the bottom with the straightedge projecting out past the sides. I got my 26 1/4" from the back of the stove to the straightedge.

I see I forgot about the NXR badge in the lower right corner which adds another 1/8" there. That still leaves jayb34 with about an inch of clearance from the fully open DW door. And I thought my kitchen was narrow!

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Thx for the info!

Is it really a perfect 30" across like I've read? My opening is 30 1/16". Which honestly, 1/16 is such a small amount that could be error in my measuring (though I checked several times) or an error in the tape measure itself.

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JWVideo: lol, it's not so much a narrow kitchen, as just old an out of date. The previous owners having modified it just enough to get something like a dishwasher in there. And really, that was the only place for it. It's a "tiny" kitchen in the sense of the amount of usable space for working in. It's basically in the center of the house, which means it had to account for traffic, so unfortunately I lose about 1/3 of the entire room just for people to walk through, so no cabinets, appliances, etc. We'll do a large renovation someday, but today is not that day. :-) The previous owners left me an oven that is currently 25 years old, tiny, and crappy burners. I hate waiting 2 hours for a 20q stockpot to boil, or barely fitting a 20lb turkey (we host Thanksgiving). So, in the meantime, I figured an upgrade was in order, but that darn clearance really limited my options.

I like the concept of the NXR having much less in the way of programming and circuit boards, as that has been a problem in past for me when it comes to kitchen appliances. Who wants to replace an appliance just because the buttons are a keypad, or the circuit board died and is no longer made because companies don't legally have to maintain those parts past 5 or 7 years (I don't remember which). But if the parts are almost entirely standard, it gives me more piece of mind. It seems like only the pro-style ovens come this way, and I really don't want to spend that much.

I was looking at the GE Cafe... sure the NXR doesn't have nearly as much bells and whistles. I'd miss the storage drawer and the option to turn off gas (I have a 2 y/o and 4 y/o) but knobs are easy to child proof. Keypads are not! The only downside was the switch for convection. I can easily see my toddlers turning it on/off at their diabolic leisure. :-)

Anyway, I'm still undecided between the two. The price certainly helps, but I work for GE, so it's actually just about the same for me.

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It is not a perfect 30" but close enough. Best way to check fit that I've found: cut a piece of 2x4 to exactly 30" -- make sure that the ends are squared --- put a level on it (so it will be held flat) and pass it throughout the space of the cut-out. I've found that countertops often can be a skoonch tighter than than the cabinet sides, although they can bulge as well.

There are switches for the convection fan and and the oven light, so two things to be flicked by little hands.

The NXR burner knobs have to be pressed in before they can be turned, so not so easy for little hands to get gas running. (The combined push and turn is beyond the abilities of most toddlers). However, it does not take much force to push a knob and pushing on the knob starts the ignitors clicking. That may be amusing to toddlers.

I also looked at a GE Cafe when I was shopping stove last summer and participated in a thread comparing the Cafe with the NXR a couple of months ago. If you have not seen that thread, the link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Cafe and NXR

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Thx for that JWVideo, and for your awesome comparison in that thread. It's a lot to consider, and I really don't have a good idea of which way to go right now. I've been looking at this stuff for over a month now.

And yes, I think pushing the knobs might be great fun to my toddlers. :-/

The main issue I've read about the NXR (enamel chipping) seems to outweigh any major issue I've read on the Cafe at the moment. Tho I imagine that's likely a small percentage of them.

Aside from the chipping, I'm still concerned about the width, lack of storage, and the seams on the top.

1 - It's my understand that 30" free standing is supposed to mean that it fits into a 30" space, not that the stove itself is 30" (usually 29 7/8), so them making it a true 30" makes no sense at all to me, unless they mean for it to not fit between cabinets. In fact, the installation guide shows a 30" space.

2 - On storage, I can deal with that.

3 - What about the seams on the top of the stove? Have you had problems keeping dirt out of there? I'm thinking when I fry things, oil tends to splash (mesh cover or not), and would have to have grease build up where I can't possibly get at it to remove it.

And one more question... can you fit a very large, 13-15" diameter pot on one the rear burners without running into the rear splash guard? I like that about the Cafe, but can't really use them for boiling water in a pot that big given that they run at 5K/9.5K BTUs.

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AFAIK, the oven enamel chipping was a problem for a few NXR stoves a couple of years ago, as it was for Wolf ranges from 2007-2009. (Lots more postings about the Wolf's problems, btw, and I suspect that had something to do with the problem going away (I'm guessing from the similarlities that Wolf and NXR sourced their oven coatings from the same maker and that Wolf/SZ was big enough to get attention for getting the problem fixed.) .

Anyway, my solution to that and any other potential NXR stove problems was to buy the stove from Costco. If anything like chipping had turned up, there would be no waiting around for warranty service and three tries to fix it and etc. I'd just take it back and get a new one or get my money back, no questions asked.

Your other questions have been discussed at length in other threads. To summarize briefly:


Actually, I think I read the other day that the both the Cafe DF and AG are also supposed to be a true 30" wide. Check specs on AJMadison or Lowe's to verify this. Numbers of pro-style and higher-end stoves are actually wider than the formerly standard 29 7/8"

FWIW, I just measured my NXR across the bullnose at the front of the cooktop. I got 29 15/16" --- a mere 1/16" wider than the "standard" and also a mere 1/16th less than a true 30" width. I also know that machinery like this can bulge a bit -- heating, cooling, and time all can affect it by 1/16th of an inch --- so best to figure 30" wide.

This is the game of "nominal" versus "true dimenstions. And, just as carpenters know that nominal 2x4 boards are 1 1/2" by 3 1/2 inches (and have been for the better part of a century), carpenters are supposed to know that a nominally 30" wide cut-out is supposed to be 30 1/8" wide. Heat, cold, moisture and time can make cabinetry and counters swell slightly, so you cut-out may have been correctly sized when first built. Or, maybe not.


The bottom oven drawer on the Cafe is actually a "baking oven" or, as some people put it, warming drawer "plus."

Seams on the stovetop:

Mostly covered by the grates when the stove is in use so not the problem it might look like it could be.. Lots of discussions of this in various threads because it does look like a potential problem. But most of us NXR owners have not had to resort to toothpicks and toothbrushes. Stove top cleaning is mostly pull off the grates, sprtiz (windex, pinesol, whatever) and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Biggest Pot on the Back Burner:

Center of burner to back-guard is just under 6.5" so, in theory, you could have a 13" diameter canning kettle/stockpot perfectly centered over the burner and the back of the pot would be touching the backsplash. If you didn't care about having it perfectly centered --- and for boiling water, why would you? --- you can pull it away a skoonch. I've got a couple of 13" stockpot/canning kettles that I have used both butting-against and skoonched from the backguard. Both ways worked fine. No damage to the surface of the backguard when the big pot touched it.

If you really want to have "perfectly centered of the burner" while using 15" diameter kettles back there, -- ala the Cafe --- you can swap out the NXR's standard backguard/vent for island trim which Dvorson's (at least) is now carrying.

Of course, bear in mind that there can be some hidden costs if your stove will butt up to a wall in back. With any "backless" gas stove --- including the Cafe --- you need to cover the rear wall (the part at and above stovetop level) with non-combustible material like a tile, tempered glass or metal backsplash. Figure in the cost of that if you don't already have it.

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Couple of questions for owners:

1. Is anyone having rust issues with the DRGB models? I found a 36" NRG model for sale, but its the 4 burner with griddle version. I really have no use for the griddle, so I'm wondering if I'll just be wasting $700 to have the older model with all 304 ss - if I get the DRGB model it'll be the 30".

2. Anyone with a LP configured NXR, can you comment on the burner BTUs? Wondering what it drops to from 15k.

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1. Rust on DRGB? I have my stove indoors and do not live in a marine environment. Haven't seen any rust on mine in the 8 months I had my DRGB.

2. Built-in griddle? Maybe on a wider stove, but the griddle will be kind of narrow on a 36" stove (maybe a little over 10 inches wide) and likely a pain to clean. For a 30" or 36" stove, I'd say get something like a Chef King carbon steel griddle: use it when you want a griddle and stash it when you don't. Much easier to clean, too, I would think.. (Have you seen Nunya's posts and pictures of the Chef King he uses on his 30" NRG?)

  1. LP conversion and BTU drop? Seems to vary by stove. Major brands often suggest a BTU reduction of 10% to 20% when their stoves are converted from NG to LP orifices. Other makers indicate that an LP conversion will not reduce the BTU ratings. There was a thread here on LP conversions for the NXR within the last month, but I don't recall hearing anything about the effect of the conversion.

I suggest you call the NXR customer service line and ask them what they think the effect of an LP conversion will be: 1-877-639 7264.

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Again, thx for your input JWVideo.

As it pertains to Cafe's, they are definitely not 30" wide. I've measured them several times (variety of Cafe models) to be certain. But as their is no dealer that I know of who has NXR's in the showroom, I'm a little stuck on that one. I underestand 30" would be a worst case scenario, so better to assume that, but just thought I'd point out that 29 15/16 is only 1/16 away from 7/8 as well. :-)

I was not aware of the non-combustible material. Thx for that.

Regardless of which stove I end up with, you've been extremely helpful.

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Thanks JWVideo.

I was able to see a 30'' DRGB in person today at a distributor, and he said he was informed by NXR that the LP conversion doesn't result in the loss of any BTUs.

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Other then baking soda to clean stains inside the oven could you use Mr. Clean Magic eraser? Or will that damage the enamel inside?

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Hi all, I live in Chapel Hill, NC and we have strict rules about make-up air, and our hood can not go above 400 CFMs without having to pay an extra $500 for air-makeup. Do you feel that a 30" hood with 400 CFMs is sufficient for a 30" NXR?

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I do not mean to be impolite, but did you miss the the discussions above about using 400 CFM OTR mircowaves with NXRs? Nunyabiz even posted pictures of his set-up above. Plus, I think there was another thread last summer on the same topic.

If you are having trouble finding the discussions here about CFM and range hoods and higher btu-hr gas stoves, you could try going out to Bing or Google and use "gardenweb + nxr + hood" as your search string.

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Hey JWVideo - I hate to repeat a question that's already been asked, so I'm sorry about that. I had read the entire thread above, as well as everything else on here about the NXR (and on the web in general, I think) but still feel like I have questions about the ventilation requirements. Nunyabiz: after some time with the OTR microwave, do you still think it is enough? In a perfect world, would 600 CFMs be better? I have used an electric stove for the last 5 years and have only turned our clunky old hood on about once a month, so I'm trying to get a sense of how different the fire-breathing NXR will be. I'm so glad for this forum, because the people at the appliance store have never even heard of the NXR!

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Nunya won't be able to answer because the powers-that-be here have kicked him off this forum because somebody in the garden forums complained that his response to something was somehow "too" intemperate Don't know any details. That's all he was able to tell us before he was banished.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what your questions are. Sounds to me as though you've been affflicted with the overthinking that besets all of us when we try to sort through all the options and variables you find when you start reading the breadth of info here.

Let me start out by saying that Nunya got his NXR in late 2009 or early 2010 Nothing has changed in the year since Nunya and others said that they had 400 CFM venting and that was often sufficient.

Sorry if I sound testy, but venting is a subject that has been absolutely discussed to death then pursued into the afterlife. It stirs passions and, sometimes, vituperation akin to what turns up in the seemingly endless debates over open versus sealed gas burners.

When all is said and done, though, the discussion is all about what is theoretically "the best" rather than what is "enough." Two very, very different things.

You ask if 600 CFM would be be "better" than 400 CFM? Of course it would. But it is a yuppie/boomer disease to think that "better" is same thing as "necessary" and therefore amounts to "mandatory."

The first thing that needs to be understood is that ventilation is neither mandatory nor subject to codes and regulation until you reach the point where your vent system is dawing so much air that it is sucking exhaust gasses from other appliances. Apart from that, everything is rules of thumb about potential worse-case scenarios.

Now, If you really want to understand kitchen ventilation , have a look at the links on kaseki's clippings page. Also, check out the recent thread on the Livermore Labs study on range hood vent performance. Here's a link to the DOE study.


(Disclosure: I used to work for DOE, although I worked on matters unrelated to the subject of that study.) And here is a link to a thread with the NY Times article on why you want "some" venting in your kitchen::


So, you look at that and wind up asking: if a 600 CFM range hood is "better" than a 400 CFM range hood with an NXR, shouldn't I get 1200 CFM hood which would be even "better?" Well, kinda, but that does not make the 400 CFM hood "bad" or useless or dangerous to you.

As I said, everything we are taking about here are rules of thumb based maximum theoretical draw under maximum possible load.

What is such a worse case scenario? With a 30" NXR, it would mean something like running four woks on the highest possible heat settings so as to instantly vaporize any oil you add (and melt lead at the same time!) while also running a marathon pizza-baking session by keeping the oven at 550F for hours.

Plan to do that often, do you? I'm guessing not.

But, let us say that you feel you can't be a "real" cook without often doing this this kind of gonzo production cooking in your home kitchen -- what happens if you only have an 400 CFM hood? Practically speaking:" (a) odors will not disssipate as quickly with a 400 CFM hood as with a 600 CFM. 900 CFM or whatever hood; (b) you will have vapors floating out that escape the hood and you will have to wipe down your cabinets and kitchen walls more often than you did with your old electric stove; (c) you will need to open windows, doors, etc.to clear the air, and (d) you will need a shower.

But, you are not going to die, set fire to your kitchen, or risk poisoning your progeny.

What is mandatory for safety is make-up air when your venting starts sucking carbon-monoxide laden exhaust gases from other gas appliances in the house. Not a problem --- or at least not a regulatory problem --- when you keep your hood power below 400CFM.

All this being true, why do so many of us NXR owners here have more capacious hoods? Because they run quieter and clean the air better and we either have or do not need make up air systems,. And because we have kitchens that accomodate the bigger hoods.

If 400 CFM is what you can have, then go with it.

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I just purchased the NXR 30" range, I did the LP conversion myself. I have 2 issues, both with the front burners: The flame doesn't seem to burn very "smoothly" (sort of dances around on lower settings), and comes up from the bottom of the burner from time to time where there are no ports; I've pushed it down all the way and checked that everything fits together and it seems like it's the way it's supposed to be.No issues with the back burners. Secondly, the igniters on the front burners seem to click intermittently once the burner is lit. The manual says igniters could be dirty (they're not), or that the polarity of the plug could be reversed. This never happened to my previous stove (Whirlpool), so I doubt this is the issue. Anyone else out there have these problems, or know of a fix?

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@sheppski, You have a perfect "excuse" to create a new thread with a succinct and accurate subject. :)

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We bought the nrx for its simplicity, no electronics. We ignored the negative comments. After 3 years the stove is a lemon. Do not buy. We replaced the oven burner, the strikers and now the regulators are failing. We spent another $300 with our fuel company to check it. Our appliance guy of 12yrs will not work on it. Good luck with the service department. They are avioding our calls. The flame from the burners are rushing out!!! And are leaking from under the burner!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!

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collins design

You probably need to really carefully clean your burners. We were having the same problem (plus ignitors "ticking") and a thorough cleaning of all the orifices solved it. Stuff can boil over when you're cooking and cause this. I believe it happens to all similar gas ranges (ie Wolf, Viking, etc.)
Yes, we've also had our share of replacement parts over the last 5 years, but we still think the savings was worth it. I'd probably buy another.

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Bad News!!

I never thought i'd be writing this. We bought the 48" NXR gas range back in November. When we received it, the left oven didn't work at all. When we turned the griddle on it practically melted down, it went all the way to the highest temperature and stayed there regardless of the setting. The front panel of the unit where the control knobs on is simply cheap, painted on metal and the paint job was smeared like some kid did the work. I had to buy an oven thermometer to regulate the temperature. E.g. when I set it for 350 degrees it only heated to 275, so I have to manually gauge the temperature. The broiler is super hot, which I like, but it has a huge hot spot in the middle so you must constantly watch and rotate the pan. OK, here's the kicker...the issues I have had when I first received the unit back in November have never been fixed to date. That was over three months ago, despite calls and service visits, I am still without my second oven, griddle and a crappy looking stove front. No one has disputed the issues, they just haven't fixed it yet.

Spend a little extra and get yourself a decent range!

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Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but didn't you buy your range from Costco?

If so, I would just call Costco and arrange to return it. Costco has a full-money back satisfaction guarantee. Three months is not too late to return it. That was one of the factors that led me to purchase my NXR from Costco. Have you read black88mx6's postings where he explained how he did that and wound up with a satisfactory NXR? If you don't want a new one, you can get your money back.

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Agreed, return it and try for another if you purchased through Costco.

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So sorry dmcilvaine. Definitely take it back.

Their service seems to vary a lot depending on who you talk to and where you live.

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Something else; one of your main issues is the thermostat being off a bit. There have been a couple discussions here on how to adjust and calibrate.

I do believe that appliance vendor/mfg service in general is lacking, my thread has what is almost a rant about issues I have had with multiple appliance vendors. Luckily I had no problem getting minor parts and doing work myself. To me this is worth it as I don't have to take time off to wait for a "serviceman" to come and mess up my stove and make it worse. I realize that not everyone is willing or able to work on brand new appliances like this on their own. Issues with insurance and liability has clouded the issue even further. I believe that appliance vendors should be delivering a product that are 100% upon delivery. If the product is not working, taking it back or replacing it with new should be an easy option. Neither is happening.

That said, I understand that disconnecting moving or returning a 48 inch range is more that even I might be willing to do. I returned a 300lb NXR back to Costco with in the back of a minivan with only assistance from 130lb my wife and lifting straps . We are both in our 40's and it was not an easy task or what we looked forward to doing. Paying someone to do this work would of seriously cut into any savings we would have done by buying the NXR over say a Bluestar or Wolf range, serviced by the same company.

If purchased though Costco, I would contact their customer service on this and discussion any options. If moving out the range yourselves, make it as light as possible. Remove all grates, doors and to what you can to make it lighter. Another recommendation being a regular Costco customer is to keep the packing as long as you can, as this helps with the return process. We will keep the NXR packing for about 2-3 years just for this purpose.

Hope this helps.

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Can anyone tell me what the inside width of oven is? Thanks!

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Can anyone tell me what the inside width of oven is? Thanks!

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24" wide,

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we have had our nxr for about 3 months and love it so far. no issues.

Update: 6 Months and no problems...love it even more.
Bought the Lodge Logic Pro Grid Iron Reversible Griddle and it fits perfectly across 2 burners front to back.

Note: Lift off burner grates fully when cleaning. If you only lift them from the front, they will scratch stainless at back of burner tray area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lodge Logic Cast Iron Griddle for NXR

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We got our 36" DRGB3602 delivered today and upon opening it up found rust and pitting on the cooktop. Talked to ADCO the service people, who didn't call or email back when i submitted photos, and then called and asked Costco for a refund and pickup. Done. It should be over with in about 10 days. And yet, i'm not satisfied. This was the stove i wanted for over a year now, damn it. I don't want to shop for stoves again.

Part of me is now wanting to get replacement parts from Adco and hope they are made of better steel and won't rust like these did. Part of me is cynical and thinks that the quality will be the same and it will only be a matter of time before they rust again.

What do you all think?

Here is a link that might be useful: my nxr story on another thread

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The search is on again; my old Kenmore Elite stove tried to kill us today; it needs to be replaced ASAP.

DCS is out because apparently it is very difficult to keep clean, which would drive us absolutely nuts. And, that's basically it as far as something that has all the qualities we want near our maximum price range, besides the NXR of course. I wish we could afford Bluestar, but it's double our maximum budget ($6k!) and for all that it has some pretty mixed reviews.

A 36" all-gas stove built to last with little to none electrical extras to screw up with excellent heat range and control on all the burners, easy to clean, and a large sized convection oven at around $3k..... maybe we'll just keep the NXR after all and put up with rust spots. What we want seems impossible; to get the price tag we need it seems cheapo steel is what we're going to get.

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WisteriaPath, have you experimented with a little chrome or metal polish? Beleive it or not, maybe some automotive chrome polish might work.

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I guess it's the principle of the thing... so excited to open it up and found rust on it brand new. I will probably just get the parts exchanged and try to maintain it with the polish. Good thing Costco's return policy is so great; if i regret it in a month it's not too late. Also a bit annoyed that the ADCO guy never called back or replied to the photos and emails i sent. If he can't/won't send us parts, that will be more difficult for us. *sigh

Anyway, thanks for the idea =) Hopefully we can get it fixed because it looks like we have no other options if we want to get exactly what we want.

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Quit being picky. The rust you have is nothing to worry about. You got what you paid for. It's a work horse not a pro range. It will not stay looking new forever.v just use a steel scrubby and some baking soda and it will clean right off. Stainless rusting is not unheard of I deal with it from time to time(sales/manager for appliance retailer).

If you are really just having buyers remorse get rid of it and get a more conventional range. NXR ranges are not designed to be perfect, subpar quality control. It's top looks tough to keep clean with all of those sharp corners for crud to collect. Personally I like the range for the cheap price. A little crude but decently built. Again not a pro range. A pro styled range at a intermediary price point.

There is really nothing professional about any range quite truthfully. It's the professional who can cook on anything that is what makes the difference. I do feel it's about having the right tools that gives us a higher level of appreciation for the range we choose to use. Possibly giving us more control of the cooking experience.

Good luck!!!!

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But it was Supposed to be new out of the box...is it really being picky to expect something to look new when you literally just unpack it? That's not fair. We paid good money for it, not scratch and dent prices. We are not wealthy and saved up for this for a very long time. We didn't expect perfection, but we didn't expect rust!

We have no choice but to keep it; we cook a lot and roast large things often and can't find anything that does what we want for this price. We weren't buying it for appearances and we don't like what you get with conventional ranges or we would have bought one in the first place.

We feel the company has quality control issues and does not respect its customers, but because we are not rich we will have to put up with it unless some other problem surfaces, in which case we'll just get a refund and just buy a super cheap scratch and dent POS because that's the only way we'll really pay for what we're getting.

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I agree 100% with what you; the part that your having an issue with is easy to replace, once replaced you will really like the stove.

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Yes it is being picky. It happens. Just fix it and move on. Cook on it and you will forget what happened after you fall in love with how it performs.. Life is not fair sometimes you get a Monday Friday deal. Going forward just remember that you didn't pay for a range for the customer service or quality control. You purchased a niche brand who is good and cheap(by comparison). Usually good is not cheap, cheap is not good. This particular range is somewhat of an exception to that rule. However, the company is not part of the Exception.

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