Laminate Flooring in Basement

patsfanFebruary 13, 2008

I am finishing a room in the basement where I want to put laminate flooring. On top of the concrete, I will put landscape fabric, then Delta-FL, then the underlayment, then the laminate flooring. Several flooring places have told me that WilsonArt "Estate" series laminate flooring is one of the best, so I planned on using it. I also had planned on using "QuietWalk" underlayment as it seemed like a good value beyond basic underlayment. It also seems like its moisture transmission properties are perfectly suited for a basement. However, I just learned that the WilsonArt warranty would not be honored if I don't use WilsonArt branded underlayment.

So, now I'm stuck. I don't know whether to go ahead with my plans, knowing the warranty would be voided. Or, go with a WilsonArt underlayment. The reason I didn't like the WilsonArt underlayment is they only have 2 options: cheap "2-in-1" or expensive "acoustic". I'm also not convinced that a standard "2-in-1" is a good choice over the Delta-FL (since there would be 2 vapor barriers with foam in between).

Can anyone provide any advice here?

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An alternative to standard laminates is ICORE, which is made entirely with synthetics and will resist water better than fibreboard based products.

Here is a link that might be useful: ICORE

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I bought and installed the Mannington Laminate flooring. Key reason - it is rated for below grade & it looks like real wood! It has beveled edges and embossed top. It is BEAUTIFUL. It was pretty easy to install. I went with Louisville Hickory (Revolutions Plank Collection).

Regrets - none yet. Hopefully I will never experience a flood.

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