Bargaining with potential landlord

johnjohngwJune 27, 2005

I saw a nice condo for rent yesterday with most of the features I'm looking for. Two serious issues were: 1) the development's borders are next to a heavy-rail line, and 2) the landlord wants to keep the half-garage as storage space (condo owner moving out). I know that the first issue is just something I have to decide if I'm willing to live with. However, the second is something that deeply concerns me. The landlord assured me that I would get a permit for the plentiful permit-only parking. That's first-come first-served, and I work pretty late into the evening, so I might have to park a quarter-mile away or outside the security gate.

Is it reasonable for me to ask some major fraction of the cost of a garage-sized storage unit off of the rent? Or the insurance bump for unsecured parking?

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well, it's reasonable to expect to pay less for a home with no garage, than you would pay for one WITH. What does a condo WITH a garage go for? I'd expect to pay less for this one.

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As far as the rail line goes, i live right next to a switching spot where freight trains are constantly pulling forward, backing up, banging into the cars they are adding to the train... it bothered me for about a week, now i rarely even notice it.

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Thanks for the input on the rail line luxum. Luckily, I don't have that kind of situation. However, the condo is within 200 meters of a rail/street crossing, and the engineers blow their horns to warn traffic until 10pm. I was looking around with a buddy who noticed it going by after 10pm, while I didn't, so that bodes well. The owner wants to charge me $50/month for the garage. I'm waffling.

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My last apartment was close to the railroad tracks. I was supposed to get a unit that was on the other side of the complex but I was told they found mold in that unit so I had to take the "train" apartment or not rent there. They refused to give me any money off even though I would now be hearing the trains during the day and night. I sort of got used to it but I'd never recommend someone having to listen to it.

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Wait, why on earth should you have to pay the owner $50/month for a garage you won't be able to use?? Am I understanding that correctly?

If that's the case, I'd say no way. If you want the garage to park in, it does you no good to have him pay the cost of an off-site space, because you'd be so far away, right? And even if you just want it for storage, you should in no way be paying for a storage space you can't use.

This landlord sounds sketchy.....

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Oddtree2001: No, the landlord wants to keep the garage to use as personal storage. I want the use of the garage, and she wants to charge me extra if she can't use it for storage.

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Oh, if that's the case, then that's probably ok, especially if she charges everyone for having a garage. In most apartments where I live, garages/covered parking is extra. It'd be irritating if you were the only one she was charging extra, but there's nothing saying she can't do that. It's just something you have to consider/try to negotiate around.

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It would only make sense to pay more if the landlord had reduced the rent because the garage wasn't included.

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