Neighbor makes up lies to have me evicted after threatening this

MamaHippaJune 27, 2013

My neighbor has been filing false noise reports. Basically she gets angry because I have a toddler who runs with flat feet on thin floors here. She banged on the walls one time, and threatened me in a community space, in front of a witness, that she would get me evicted if my son did not learn to be quiet. She also went on to describe what an uncommon nuisance it was because she had lived under children before, as well as being a mother of 2 herself (youngest is probably 4), and that she will have us evicted if he doesn't learn to be quiet. I have changed my entire daily lifestyle to reflect the 'quiet hours' and put my bed to sleep 1/2 hour before the quiet time, and keep him in bed until the morning hour passes (even if it were only 1 minute, or 15). But she is completely intolerant and has made up lies to say he is running and making loud stomping at other times. I am also pregnant and extremely stressed out by this situation. I see no resolution because she won't be happy with us making any amount of noise in daily activities, we are going out of our way and making our own life difficult by trying to appease them (I leave the house for long amounts of time, when my only income is thru studying), and I dont have money to afford a daycare for him. Even so, with all the lifestyle adjustments (we are used to sun up to sun down, and we miss probably around 4 hours with our current schedule to keep 'quiet' for her), she deliberately reports falsehoods. We are sleeping during those times (although it is possibly I might be going to the bathroom, or rinsing off in the shower at night because I am pregnant, this may be often). I am so stressed out by this person being intolerant to noise (we live in the city so there is a lot of traffic and pedestrian noise from outside, as well, the floors shake with passing trucks), and I am very concerned. I want my children to live in this community, and to have a less stressful pregnancy. She is obviously not going to stop her false reports until there is no longer a toddler living above her.

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In this sort of situation, I would not wait for the management or landlord to contact me about the neighbor's complaint. I would be pro-active and go to the management and get my side of the story in first.

Write down everything you do to reduce the noise coming from your apartment--putting down extra rugs, not letting your child run in the house, taking him outside for X hours a day--all of it. Put in the quiet hours (to show that you know what they are) and the extra steps you take during this time. Give this to the management people to show that you are being a cooperative, respectful neighbor.

Then tell them that the neighbor is threatening you. This makes you uncomfortable. What are they going to do about this?

Start documenting the neighbor's threats. "Monday, June 10th. Yelled at me as I got into car. Told me she was going to get my family evicted." "Tuesday, June 11th. Banged on my door. When I didn't open it, she yelled that we were too loud--I was sitting on the sofa reading a book to my child." Show this to the management as well, along with the names of any witnesses to her actions.

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