Buttons - Chinese or Japanese?

justlindaFebruary 22, 2013

Not sure what these buttons are made of, any guesses? Also are they chinese or japanese?

Can anybody decipher the writing on them? I've posted a few more pics with the writing on the back.

Thanks for any help.

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Writing on the back.

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Could they be plastic made to look like hand carved bone/ivory? The "2" on the back of one seems to indicate that.

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They are two of the seven major Japanese dieties. I believe the one on the left is Fukurokuju, he God of luck or longevity (the long forehead implies this one, although Jurojin is similar), and the one on the right is definitely Hotei, the God of happiness. The Japanese dieties, or at least some of them are also shared in the culture of China (as is the script), so I can't really say if they are Japanese or Chinese. I'd guess most likely Japanese.

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Well, I'll be.......2 of 7 eh? Umm should I go hunting the other 5? Maybe NOT...lol.

Thanks for the info.

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