Armstrong ceiling tile Sale

andrelaplume2February 19, 2009

In case you did not catch, they are 25% off at Lowes (at least by me this week) Thats quite a stock only. Its the first time I have seen them on sale and I do not think I have ever seen them on sale at HD.

I see some tiles have some sort of Humidity protection and mildew resistent paint. These are special order and go for $81 per 64 sq ft. The regular stock ones are $61 but on sale for $45. They DO NOT have this special paint or anti sag Humidity resistant stuff in them. The regular ones are rated for 60 degrees to 85 degrees and a max humidity of 70%.

I can not believe my basement ever gets that humid..we do run a de-humidifier. We currently have no AC or heat in the basement. Temps are always under 75 but do dip below 60 degrees?

We likely will add some sort of heat over time. Should I jump at these ceiling tiles while on sale or might they start to 'sag' before I even get them out of the box! (Its 56 degrees down there today)

I do not know if this Humidity stuff is 'hype' or not...some times a good buy is better left as a good by!


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I'm no expert, but maybe the 2X2 grid tiles don't sag as much.
I noticed your window on another post. Are you going to build a reverse window well? That's one reason I think I'm going with drywall, access panels and all.

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Not sure about the window yet...I just got the tile because of the sale. It was then I found out about that Humiguard or whatever they call it. I wonder if its one I have asked even knows about it. I have a nit of plumbing in this area thus the dropped ceiling.

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