I hate my neighbors

newhomeseekerJune 8, 2009

My fiance and I rented a very nice house in the country. Sits on about an acre. The landlord leaves us alone (haven't seen her since we signed the lease) and also takes care of any problems with the house right away. It is a beautiful area, used to be very peaceful. However, recenly some new neighbors moved in next door (bought the house) and they are annoying the h*ll out of me. It is a shame too because they are a young couple around our age with a 2 year old daughter (my fiance has a 9 year old son that lives with him full time). They seemed nice enough in the beginning and I guess they are still "nice".

First of all they have a dog that they allow to run loose most of the time. Normally they are outside and will yell at the dog to stay in their yard if they see him wandering off. They only own maybe a quarter of an acre of ground so not a lot of room for the dog (large mixed breed) to run around. However, they seem to encourage the dog to run around in OUR yard. Yesterday they were throwing a tennis ball for the dog and throwing it out across our driveway and into our yard. I really don't want them encouraging the dog to use our yard as it craps all over the place and most recently in flowers I just planted this weekend.

My fiance is on friendlier terms with the neighbors than I am- he gave them some firewood for a bonfire and when the guy was trying to find his septic tank my fiance helped him dig around to find the lid. The neighbor also came over recently and asked my fiance if he could borrow our shovel so he could cover the septic tank back up. They have also thrown a large antenna on a pile of blocks our landlord has near the property line (but on OUR side of the property) The guy told my fiance he put it there so he could mow his grass but has NEVER moved it. My fiance doesn't want to make waves with the new neighbors and is generally more laid back than I am anyway. So he just says they are hurting anything.

Last night my fiance's son saw a boy his age at the neighbor's house and went over and asked if he could play. They said ok so they played for about an hour. (It was their nephew). So then the kid comes to our house to play (which was fine) and is there about half an hour. The kids are in the house and the woman from next door (she is 30) came over and I was in the bedroom and the kids were in my fiance's son's bedroom and this twit doesn't even knock on the door, she just opens it an walks in and yells to the kid "get out here it's time to go home!" and waits for him. I find that incredibly RUDE and offensive. You don't just walk into someone's house without knocking, especially someone's house you've never even been inside!

They also annoy me with their costant burning every single weekend and this past weekend they kept letting off fireworks. (just the noise makers) Now I don't care if my neighbors let off fireworks all day on July 4th but in the state I live in they are illegal and there is no need to let them off just to make noise! Also their dog chases our vehicles up our driveway every time we come home. The dog gets so close to the front tires if you just drifted to the left a little you would run it over. This infuriates me because # 1 control your damn dog! #2 I accidently hit a dog (at night on a freeway) last year and I was traumatized by it. I felt horrible. I don't want that to happen again.

My fiance says if the dog runs in front of him and he hits it he's not going to lose any sleep because the neighbors should control their dog.

I did tell them not to throw the ball for their dog into our yard yesterday. I said it nicely but i'm sure they took offense to it. I just don't understand why people don't have any common courtesy toward others anymore. I don't expect perfect neighbors but these yahoos just irritate me to no end. We've tried to be neighborly (my fiance invited them over to a cook out, I invited them to bring their daughter over to see our kittens, my fiance has helped the guy out with a few things etc. I just don't understand why they think it is ok to walk into your house without knocking, and let their dog use someone else's yard as it's personal playground and bathroom?

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Your fiance is friends with them, has he talked to them about the dog, fires and fireworks?

Do they own their home or are they also renters?

Call animal control about the dog, the police about the fireworks and check city/county codes to see if there fire pit is legal.

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They own the house. No he has not talked to them. He doesn't want to make waves or be on bad terms with any of the neighbors. Calling the authorities won't do anything where I live. They are basically useless. Two years ago (I lived in a different area) one of my neighbors was setting off a cannon on July 4th. It was so loud you nearly had a heart attack when it went off. It actually cracked one of our windows and we called the police and their response was "oh we've had about 20 calls about that and we will get to it when we can" I live in a rural area so its pretty much anything goes. The police never showed up, the neighbors continued to set off their cannon for about four more hours! Also, no offense to volunteer fire departments but the one in our area will NOT attend to a burning complaint or enforce any of the local laws. About two weeks ago the neighbor beside us (not the ones I'm complaining about)decided to clean up his property and had a huge brush pile (with railroad ties and other things you are not permitted to burn because of the chemicals in them) and he lit this huge brush pile on fire and left for the day. #1 there was a burning ban (not allowed to burn in my state from March till June 1st) and during regular seasons you are NOT allowed to burn garbage or anything other than wood and must burn between 6pm and 6pm only. Well this guy was breaking every law on the books regarding fires (not allowed to leave them unattended either). A volunteer fireman lives across the street from us and saw this and did nothing. So I called the fire department (they don't ask for your name) and advised them my neighbor left an unattended fire. They asked how much smoke there was (a lot and it was a nuisance and STUNK) and the guy said well there's a lot of smoke so the fire isn't burning that hot don't worry about it. They sent one guy out and he didn't put the fire out, they just let it burn.

Something similiar happened to me about six years ago (not in this house), my other neihbor's house burnt down in the middle of the night when they were all out. The shell of the house was left and he was supposed to have the local fire department come out and burn the rest of it down. Well he did not do this, did not get a permit to do it himself, just went out one day and lit the rest of the building on fire (about 1000 feet from my house) and stood there with a rake and a garden hose! I called the fire department because it scared me that he had this huge fire that could easily get out of control and they (same volunteer deparment) said they'd send a guy out but that it would "probably be fine" and they sent someone out and they talked to the guy then left and let him continue burning his house down. Totally illegal and they didn't care. I then called a local paid fire department and told them I was driving by and saw smoke and thought it was just a bonfire or something but couldn't tell for sure. THey sent two trucks out (I hated lying but a volunteer fireman told me that trick- that they will respond to a "unknown cause of smoke" but rarely to a burning complaint. And the other fire department put the fire out. Of course he just lit the thing again when they were gone!

As for the animal control- I've had issues with other neighbor's dogs and haven't done much about it yet. Seems everyone lets their animals run loose and its a free- for-all. Since I just told them to keep their dog out of our yard (and the wife was pretty mad that I had the audacity to say that, apparently) I'm sure they would guess it was me that called the dog warden on them. I don't want to make enemies and have to worry about them retaliating or anything. I just want people to be respectful of other's property! is that so difficult?

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Newhomeseeker: Be glad you live in a house & not an apartment building like some of the other people on here, including myself! It is 1,000 times worse. The noise here is so bad & the neighbors so out of control that I'm being forced to move! The property manager or the police won't do anything about it & we hardly ever get any sleep. I'd kill for a house in the country as would a lot of other people! Count your blessings & be happy for what you have, for heaven's sake!

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