Mounting a flag on a Balcony

jfk1963hockeyJune 29, 2013

My question is actually a solution I had to mounting my flag to my balcony railing in my condo in OCMD. My condo is called the Angle Fish and we are part of the condo Association. We have rules that don't allow our owners to screw flag pole holders directly into the balcony railing and we are finding that a lot of our owners are doing this. They said that until we come up with an alternative way of mounting these, then what do you want us to do. After looking at the ways other condos mount their flag holders, using boards & muffler clamps or hose clamps that break and are not safe, we came up with an idea. I created a Bracket that fits around the post that securely mounts to the post and the flag pole holder then mounts to this bracket. It is a really Clean, neat and safe way to fly our flags and also be accepted by our association. I did not want to post anything about this without getting permission from the head of this site. But my emails came back undelivered. I can email you pictures of how this looks when mounted and its very simple to attach. I know other condo owners have this issue and I thought this would be helpful in solving this problem. Please email at and let me know if its okay to post this. If you would like to see photos, please send me an email address I can send them to.

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My HOA doesn't allow that.

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