Finally getting out

ctkitty73June 22, 2004

After 7 long years in an apartment that has been hell we are closing on our first house this Friday. I can't wait until I can come home and not have to hear my stupid annoying neighbors anymore the yelling the swearing being nosey just being scumbags in general. Its the other people that ruin apartment living.I tend to stay to myself as I have always felt that neighbors cause problems.A little wave and a hello is just fine with me. I have heard fights that I try not to hear but these people are so loud and could careless who hears them there was a murder here drug busts and so on.I don't think I will miss one thing about living here.Good bye apartment living for the amount I paid for you a month I now have a mortage with my taxes included..See ya..:)

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: ) congrats- just did that last year myself, and while I'm still bewildered, it's wonderful- and I've got a twin, so it's not like the neighbors have gone FAR- but far enough for me (and the people on our block are either sweet, or polite, which is good enough for me)

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Congratulations! We're doing the opposite; we just sold our house and we're moving to a much smaller apartment. We can't afford the "starter" homes in California ($500K).

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a murder and drug bust? where exactly was this?

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